Welcome to Bravo Fleet


Welcome to the home of Bravo Fleet, one of the world’s largest and oldest Star Trek written role playing simulations groups. For the past twenty years, Bravo Fleet has proudly provided Star Trek fans a home to write creatively as characters on starships and starbases.

Thinking of joining a game? All you need is an adventurous spirit and the desire to write in a Star Trek themed environment. Out of the genre originally created by Gene Roddenberry, the story of Bravo Fleet has blossomed to span every quadrant of the Galaxy, to extend years past the last story told on screen, and to delve into eras past, future times and even alternate universes. This story, along with many other details about the Bravo Fleet universe, can be found on our Fleet Infobase.




Bravo Fleet’s Task Forces

All of our games are split into themed groups of simulations known as Task Forces which separate games not just by Task Force number, but also by operational areas in space.

  • Task Force 9 (Gamma Quadrant) With peace and quiet restored to the Quadrant, the time has arrived for Starfleet to once again engage in a campaign of peaceful exploration and expansion. Mostly unexplored, there is a lot to discover but what one might find does not always have to be what one desires.
  • Task Force 38 (Delta Quadrant) The discovery of ancient gateway granted Starfleet access to a far off region of the Delta Quadrant known as the Round Table. But an age old nemesis, the Borg, destroyed the Gateway, leaving Task Force 38 stranded as the Vaadwaur and others push in on all sides.
  • Task Force 64 (Before the Modern Era) From Captain Archer’s first voyage through the Federation/Cardassian War that predated The Next Generation, this Task Force explores a simpler time.
  • Task Force 72 (Alpha Quadrant) The Cardassians have begun beating the war drums, pushing into the Gavarian Corridor, space contested with the Romulans, and invading the Breen. In response, their neighbors have mobilized their forces, and peace hangs in the balance. Meanwhile, exploration initiatives into the Inconnu Expanse are threatened by an indigenous group of pirates known as the Ravagers.
  • Task Force 93 (Beta Quadrant) The destruction of Romulus may have led the Romulans to retreat behind their borders, but the quadrant is not quiet. Klingon aggression has picked up, the Gorn have invaded and annexed a region of Federation space along their border, and Starfleet’s rebuilding efforts in the Raeyan Sector struggle in the crossroads of four regional powers.
  • Task Force 99 (Alternate Times/Universes) From the Mirror Universe, Next Generation and Deep Space Nine, to futures beyond seen on screen, Task Force 99 provides an opportunity for players to play in other parts of Star Trek fandom.