Jon Matterson was a former member of the Bravo Fleet Admiralty. Jon began writing with Bravo Fleet in 2003 and served from 2012 to 2019 on the Bravo Fleet Admiralty in a variety of positions including the Bravo Fleet Command Council, the Bravo Fleet Executive Officer, the Bravo Fleet Internet Officer, the Task Force 38 Commanding Officer, Task Force 72 Commanding Officer, and the Task Force 93 Commanding Officer. During his tenure in Bravo Fleet, Jon has led development of canon efforts including the Bravo Fleet Map, the Raeyan Transit Corridor, the Epatha Gateway, the Inconnu Expanse, and the Gorn Crisis, as well as several governance overhauls including the creation of the Bravo Fleet Command Council.

Beyond Bravo Fleet, Jon is the author of the Bravo Fleet Management System (BFMS), a co-founder of Anodyne Productions, and the original author of SMS/Nova, and within Bravo Fleet, he formerly ran sims including the USS Enigma, Faltan Station, Bravo Fleet Command: Beta, Kartelan Station, and the USS Bellona.


Admiral Allison Reyes

Admiral Allison Reyes is the current Director of the Advanced Science, Technology and Research Activity and the Chargé d'affaires for the Gamma Mission-at-Large, conducting affairs from aboard the USS Khonsu. Formerly, she served as a member of the Bravo Fleet Command Council, as the Starfleet liason to Palais de la Corcorde, as the Bravo Fleet Executive Officer and as Commanding Officer of Faltan Station, among other positions.

Rear Admiral Aria Edir
Starbase 72

Captain Gérard Devreux

Captain Gérard Devreux is the commanding officer of the Excalibur-class USS Khonsu. With a long career of deep space expeditions and a spirit of exploration that has never wavered, Devreux was a natural choice to command the QSD-capable deep space explorer tasked with following up leads from the Reliquary and serving as the flagship for Admiral Allison Reyes, Gamma Quadrant Ambassador-at-Large and director of the Advanced Science, Technology and Research Activity.

Lieutenant Commander Tom Brooks, Ph.D.

Lieutenant Commander Tom Brooks, Ph.D., currently serves a Research Team Lead and a Temporal Mechanics Specialist for the Advanced Science, Technology and Research Activity aboard the USS Khonsu. A scientist with a deep appreciation for the weird and wacky, he was selected for ASTRA based not on his field aptitude but rather his unique background in theoretical physics, including academic appointments at the Daystrom Institute, the Vulcan Science Academy and the Manheim Research Facility.

Senior Chief Petty Officer Ayala Shafir

Senior Chief Shafir is an intelligence operator and data systems specialist attached to the Advanced Science, Technology and Research Activity aboard the USS Khonsu. A gifted hacker in a former life, she was recruited into Starfleet Intelligence as a field operator for her ability to extract data from any system even under the most high pressure circumstances. The Khonsu represents her transition to mainline Starfleet as she attempts to grow her career beyond intelligence circles.

Rear Admiral Frank DeVoe
Former Deputy Director of Special Operations
Starfleet Intelligence

Rear Admiral DeVoe was the former Deputy Director of Special Operations for Starfleet Intelligence. In mid-2387, he went AWOL while investigating a conspiracy within Starfleet Command. Since then, he has worked under non-official cover to support the Federation in ways that they cannot officially acknowledge.

Lieutenant Emilia Balan

Lieutenant Balan is a diplomatic attache to the Gamma Mission-at-Large hosted aboard the USS Khonsu. Balan is gifted cultural anthropologist who minored in counseling psychology during the Academy. She all but fell into the diplomatic sphere of things by accident while stationed on Outpost 19, a deep space outpost near the Ferengi and Tzenkethi borders, where she became the de facto, and then official, mediator for disputes between neighboring alien species. This led to her transfer to the Diplomatic Corps in 2386, where she has served ever since.

Commander Jake Lewis
Commanding Officer
USS Bellona

Commander Jake Lewis currently commands the USS Bellona, home to the Forth Fleet's Intelligence Support Activity. A pragmatist willing to bend the ideals of the Federation in order to protect them, Lewis is no stranger to controversy. During his early years with Starfleet Intelligence, he was known for severely bending Starfleet's fundamental rules, and more recently, he was in command of the USS Enigma when it was implicated in a tragedy that led to the collapse of Federation-Romulan relations in 2386.

Lieutenant Lisa Hall, Ph.D.
Team Lead, Psychological Warfare & Negotiations Unit
USS Bellona

Lieutenant Lisa Hall, Ph.D., serves as the Team Lead of the Intelligence Support Activity’s Psychological Warfare & Negotiations Unit and as the Chief Counselor for the USS Bellona. A psychologist who specialized in enhanced interrogation, she worked as a private contractor for many years before finally accepting a job with one of her most frequent employers: Starfleet Intelligence. While her education qualifies her as a counselor, her background would not make her an obvious pick if not for the need to fill two duties with one person.

Lieutenant Commander Luke Lockwood
Research Scientist
Daystrom Institute

Lieutenant Commander Luke Lockwood, Ph.D., is the former Chief Science Officer of the USS Equinox. An endowed chair in astrophysics at the Daystrom Institute and a member of the Federation Science Council, he was unexpectedly stranded in the Delta Quadrant when the Borg attacked Starbase 900, where he'd been giving a Master Class on superluminal transit. Now, the professor turned refugee has reluctantly accepted a commission with Task Force 38 searching for new ways to communicate with or return home.

Ambassador Michael Drake
Federation Diplomatic Corps

Ambassador and former Admiral Michael Drake served as the Task Force Commanding Officer of Task Force 38 when it was stranded after the Battle of Starbase 900 until it was reconnected to the Federation via the Epatha Gateway in 2389. Now, with Task Force 38 back under the management of the Fourth Fleet, he has returned to the Alpha Quadrant and his former role as an ambassador for the Federation Diplomatic Corps.

Commander Robert Drake
JAG Prosecutor

Commander Drake is a prosecutor with Starfleet JAG, currently stationed in the Raeyan Sector. Recently, he served as Special Prosecutor for the Algorab Commission against the crew that collapsed Romulan-Federation relations, and formerly he worked cases including the Ba'ku and the Triangle. A zealot of Federation idealism, he's known for his willingness to attack any officer he perceives as having violated the law, and he takes great pride in the fact that his work has stripped dozens of their ranks and honors.


Emeritus (Admiral)

Gold Star Citation

Command Academy Graduate

Command Ribbon (Class C)

Active Command At Sea

Admiral Emeritus

Dedication Citation – 15 Years

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