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FICTION SEGMENT “Center Line clear!” the Engineering technician, a Chief Petty Officer yelled down the line and three people simultaneously stepped back as a shower of sparks from a plasma torch sealed the massive tritanium girder back to the bulkhead. Christopher moved his hands down the girder, continuing to hold the girder up along with […]

Fiction Trice Farm, Horizon Colony, Pergamon IV 1830 hours ‘Let this be a lesson to you.’ With the mask, his voice reverberated more deeply than he expected, which suited him well enough. The sun hung fat and heavy in the sky behind him, painting him and his half-dozen friends in monstrous, shadowed silhouettes lined across […]

  TO  All Fleet
FROM  Vice Admiral Ovik
      USS Beacon
 VIA  Reports, Task Force 64

Spacedock Earth, 2295 “You’d better keep an eye out thar, friend.” The gruff rear admiral with a southern Earth accent was elbowing Ovik every time he gave a tip. “Not evrybody cares fer the greater good.” Ovik managed to keep his stoic posture with his hands crossed behind his back. He looked at his fellow […]

October 12th, 2019 by

Greetings!   It is my great pleasure to announce the promotion of Nate, CO of the USS Proxima, to the role of Task Force Executive Officer. Nate has shown great interest in helping develop the task force canon, and has shown steady progression and leadership skills since taking over the center seat on the Proxima. […]

Members of Bravo Fleet: Some of you may have noticed that September has hit everyone particularly hard this year. It’s the “back to school” month and within Bravo Fleet’s history tends to be a real stickler. Some of our BFA (and membership!) are teachers, some are students. Kyle, 64CO, spoke with the BFA back in […]

  TO  All Fleet
FROM  Admiral Elizabeth Wolf
 VIA  Fleet Command

Hello, everyone! A few months ago, the Bravo Fleet Admiralty and the COs decided to suspend the fleet’s Academy. We didn’t have the people or the infrastructure to support such a large project, so we decided to put it on the back burner until we found someone capable of building a completely new system. I’m […]

September 28th, 2019 by

FICTION SEGMENT Major General Christopher Mitchell stood in the Command Information Center in front of one of the massive floor to ceiling windows as a tightly formed group of fighters from the air wing streaked by and executed a sharp loop above the lunar surface, contrails of electric blue light from their impulse engines painting […]

  TO  All Fleet
FROM  Vice Admiral Nithumen Browsden
      USS Merrimack
 VIA  Hall of Honour, Reports

Congratulate the Hall of Honour August, 2019 members!

  TO  All Fleet
FROM  Rear Admiral Erszebet Virkov
      New Bajor
 VIA  Task Force 9

News from Task Force 9! USS Ride: The crew of the USS Ride has joined with a small Dominion Task Force to glean what information they can about their quarry, by investigating the wreckage of a Borg installation along the Gamma/Delta border.  USS Constitution: The USS Constitution begins its story arriving at its first destination […]

  TO  All Fleet
FROM  Vice Admiral Nithumen Browsden
      USS Merrimack
 VIA  Reports

Where the Chief of Staff says hello, and outlines the direction of the office going forward.

  TO  All Fleet
FROM  Vice Admiral Pinna

In for a Pound OSS Fang Docked at Drozana Resupply Station Starfleet’s ships could run for months or years without resupply, but that was not life aboard a pirate vessel, especially one trying to keep a low profile while crossing Federation space. No raids meant no loot, no loot meant no fuel or rations, and […]

September 18th, 2019 by

Today I write this as both a sad and happy announcement. Deckard, the Bravo Fleet Internet Officer, and I had a lengthy conversation about where things sit with his availability and Bravo Fleet. Unfortunately, he is finding that his time for hobbies is shrinking despite his desire to do things with us. The good news […]

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