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HQ TF93 SPECIAL ORDER – 20180708   Effective immediately, LtCol Rothschild, Task Group Commanding Officer – Bastet, is hereby promoted to the rank of Colonel. Yewande Banda, RADM, SF Commanding Officer, Task Force 93 OOC: Congratulations to Reius/Rothschild on his promotion. I wanted to make a separate announcement as the TGCO position is largely OOC and […]

Fellow Commanders and crew of TF93, Please join me in welcoming the new Commanding Officers for the USS Devonshire and USS Ascension. The USS Devonshire is now under the command of CDR Francheszka Braxton (former Devonshire XO) due to the extended leave of CAPT Wilcox as he takes care of family affairs following the destruction at XFY. She has a quick […]

TF99 welcomes the USS Mercury, our first Discovery era sim by CaptainPorthos

She might be small and worth ignoring, but what she does will be helpful to all. Please join me in welcoming the Dumont-Class USS Kitsune helmed by Commander Mikey Clearwater. The Kitsune will be a testbed for new technology for the Federation, among much more. Welcome to 72!

The sim is focused on the USS Galahad NCC-78021 and her crew, set in 2407. The Federation’s last great war was with the Dominion in 2375. Since then, the only major crisis it has faced has been collapse of the Romulan Star Empire following the destruction of the Hobus star.

Is the grass really greener on the other side? What is the Cardassian Union up to? What do they really feel about the new Gavarian Exploration Agreement and the Alrakis Pact? The CUS Milithra, commanded by BlackWolf, seeks to find out. Welcome to Task Force 72!

Something strange is happening in the Inconnu Expanse. Deep Space Seven has been destroyed, our ships are encountering resistance, and our colonies are being terrorized. Most importantly, we don’t know why. Eager for answers, we have called on the USS Victorious, a Starfleet Intelligence asset, to seek out what is really happening in the Expanse. Led […]

On the first edition of "Updates from the Battlelines" we will provide details about current happenings within the Galactic Federation. (Far Future Alternate Universe Federation)

  TO  All Fleet
FROM  Lieutenant Krysia Kaleri
      USS Pandora
 VIA  Behind the Scenes

For those who may remember him I am sad to announce the loss of Peter Gorman, he passed away yesterday. He was my first CO aboard the USS Nimitz several years ago but was also part of the USS Wildcat & USS Saratoga. Rest in Peace Pete we shall miss you.

  TO  Task Force 99
FROM  Rear Admiral Michael Aravan
      USS Triumphant
 VIA  Promotions, Task Force 99
  ON  May 30, 2018

Congratulations to JL Galloway who has just became Task Force 99’s new Command Adjutant. His character, Captain Dom Martinez, is hereby promoted to the rank of Commodore. Congratulations!

  TO  All Fleet
FROM  Admiral Zachary O’Connell
      Starbase 72
 VIA  Arrivals, Task Force 72

As chronicled by Homer, the great Ulysses has returned home. This mighty Galaxy class ship, commanded by Captain Colby Drayton, will be joining the USS Firebrand as Starfleet pushes once more into the Gavarian Frontier. Welcome to the Task Force!

Fellow Commanders and crew of TF93, Please join me in welcoming the new Commanding Officers for the USS Tornado and USS Sentinel. The USS Tornado is re-launching out of Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards under the command of LCDR K’Taal. She has big shoes to fill as CDR Aki Shagdac led the Tornado on a daring rescue of […]

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