Cadet Freshman Grade Alex Drake
Command Cadet
Starfleet Academy Bajor Campus

Alex Drake is a cadet at Starfleet Academy's Bajor campus. An ambitious young man aiming for the command path, his background growing up in New Sydney and mostly away from the Federation's influence presents some challenges to this goal - and unique insights.

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Lieutenant Commander Jack Logan
Executive Officer
USS Devonshire

A seasoned explorer, diplomat, and combat commander, Logan was on the verge of being given his own ship before a catastrophe struck his assignment in the aftermath of the Hobus Incident. On an extended leave of absence since, he has only newly returned to Starfleet.

Ensign Nathaniel Wick
USS Nogura

Only a few years out of the academy, Nathaniel Wick has been considered a strong contender on Starfleet's command track. As a prospect he's stalled a little, but his assignment to the USS Nogura has promised this bright young officer fresh opportunities to advance.

Lieutenant Rafe Cassidy
Chief Flight Control Officer (CONN)
USS Hawaii

Born and raised in the space-bound lifestyle of asteroid miners, Cassidy's joining of Starfleet keeps him where he performs best - behind the controls of a ship. A former test pilot, he has pressed for an assignment on the Beta Quadrant front with the stirring troubles from Gorn and Klingons alike.

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Lieutenant Theodore Hawthorne
USS Devonshire

Theodore Hawthorne is the Chief Science Officer on the USS Devonshire. A veteran of Starfleet missions of exploration and modern wars, he is a leading figure in the fields of xenoarchaeology and xenoanthropology.