I have been SIMMING since 2002. While new to Bravo Fleet (July 2018) - I have been a member of other organizations over the years; UCIP, Tango Fleet and SLA Sims, to name a few.


Ensign Aerith Terovn
Chief Conn Officer
USS Diligent

Lieutenant Commander Marsha Rudcovski

Lieutenant Eelkom Raiem

A proud physician. Raiem (Ry-em) is someone that has worked very hard to get where he is in life. An odd character at times but someone who has dedicated his life to helping those in need. He is your atypical Bajoran however, in the sense that he does not actively practice his people's religion - this largely related to his forced convent/cult upbringing on Del’o’van III. Currently he serves as Chief Medical Officer on Deep Space 11 - his third posting leading a medical department in his Starfleet career thus far.