Hadir Prenar

My name is Howie I am 38 and from a small town in upstate New York named Warwick. I work for the Office of Emergency Management in New York City. I am a super geek. I'm a Trekkie, and I work the renaissance faire as a leather crafter and perform as a squire with a joust team. I am a tabletop gamer and an avid horseback rider. I am a single dad to a wonderful 6 year old boy who is my world.


Captain Hadir Prenar
Executive Officer
Starbase Port Royale

Hadir is rough around the edges and suspicious of everyone, just as everyone is suspicious of him. He is loyal to fault once someone has earned his loyalty and friendship. Thus far he is loyal to Starfleet and it's people. As no one has shown him any compassion except for Starfleet. Hadir has a photographic memory and is uniquely adept at languages which comes from not only his Mind Training but from his innate abilities as a Cardassian. Hadir wanted to become the first Cardassian in Starfleet, which he achieved. Now he wants nothing more than to prove that not all Cardassians are liars, he for one is loyal to a fault. He now wants to become the first Cardassian Captain in Starfleet. Hadir spends his time studying ancient Earth history. Particularly the periods known as the Dark Ages and t