Ensign Shizn

Tris is solidly built. He exercises everyday. As an Andorian, he has blue skin, but pale blue being half Aenas. A pair of cranial antennae and white hair, which is usually combed forward onto his forehead slightly, covering his ears slightly in a traditional way.


Andorian Imperial Guard
2386-2387: Combat training
2386- Hand to hand fighting
2387-2387: Pilot/navigation training
Starfleet Academy
2387-2388: Starfleet Academy – Year I, General Studies
2388-2389: Starfleet Academy – Year II, Technology studies
—— 2389: USS Marshall – Junior Cadet Cruise
2389-2390: Starfleet Academy – Year III, Command/interspecies studies
—— 2390: USS Einstein – Senior Cadet Cruise
2390-2391: Starfleet Academy – Year IV, Advanced flight control

2391-2392: USS Hope – Asst. Flight Control Officer.
2392-         : USS Devonshire – Chief Flight Control Officer