Tulsa, OK. I've been playing and creating Star Trek stories since I was in 5th grade, much too long ago. I've been a leader in Boy Scouts for 15 years.


Civilian Dimitri Koslev

Dimitri is on oldtimer, retired Starfleet Engineer, with White/graying hair, beard, and mustache. Wrinkles on face show his age. Yet his broad shoulders and solid upper body strength is an example for young men to follow.

He speaks with a thick Russian/Ukrainian accent.

Ensign Drake
Chief Engineering Officer
USS Hope

W’Liam Drake can be easily described as short and stocky, but he is much more. Underneath that rough and strong exterior is a creative engineer. He is much shorter than the average Tandaran. This was one of the reasons for him leaving his home world and wanting to be treated fairly in Starfleet. His hair is a few inches long so that the dark curly locks show. Tandaran anatomy is very close to human anatomy. One obvious difference it the V shaped skin wrinkle between the eyebrows. He has body art on his left inner forearm. It resembles 2 concentric circles, and 4 lines at right angles; all pointing toward the center, but not touching each other.

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Civilian Ivy Sharzin
USS Tornado

Ivy is a sentient plant based life form.

She is able to manipulate her vines to form a humanoid bipedal framed body and covered the surface with a thick leaf-connected to form a skin. She is now very human in appearance except for her compound eyes and pointed leaf tip ears.

She has no audible speech, but clicking, snapping, pop noises. A universal translator allows her to communicate with the other crew members.

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Lieutenant Junior Grade Kanz

R'Agin exhudes an aura of seriousness most of the time. This is carried to others by his riviting eyes that some think look into their soul. He is of average height and slim, yet well-toned and defined. He keeps fit by a daily routine of calisthenics and the practice of Tan-Kei; a hand to hand fighting style from his home world of Tandar Prime. Tandarans are very similar to humans with a few differences. The most noticable is the inverted V shape wrinkle or ridge between the eyebrows. He bears a tattoo on the underside of his left forearm. It looks like a capital R on it’s side with three wavy lines underneath. This is called a Basque and is a symbol of family pride.

R’Agin Kanz is a very devoted son and dedicated to being a good example for others of his race to follow.

Lieutenant Kramer
USS Triumphant

Short and stocky would be the best description of Vincent Kramer. Needless to say that he is physically fit and has wide shoulders and a narrow waist. His short brown hair goes well with his brown eyes and smooth medium caucasian completion. Strong facial features make him very appealing, especially the ladies he meets.

Ensign Shizn

Tris is solidly built. He exercises everyday. As an Andorian, he has blue skin, but pale blue being half Aenas. A pair of cranial antennae and white hair, which is usually combed forward onto his forehead slightly, covering his ears slightly in a traditional way.

Lieutenant Junior Grade Welch

She is a tall lean figure of a woman with a full head of long blonde hair, which is typically pulled back and up on her head during working hours. Her skin is a lovely pale complexion. Her lips are a ruby red. She has great strength from her time spent as a gymnast and sparing partner.