aparry started with Bravo Fleet on the USS Victorious as Asst. Chief Tactical/Security Officer back in 1999. Over the years he has been in and out of simming, but returned in 2018 To Command the USS Valhalla and USS Victorious-A


Lieutenant Allen Jones

Chief Intelligence Officer

Lieutenant Bjorn Tyrson
USS Proxima

Tyrson is the Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Civilian Richard Wayne

Lieutenant Colonel Sara Mattis
Deputy Base Commander
Roosevelt Station

Major Mattis is Roosevelt Station's Chief of Security/Tactical

Petty Officer 2nd Class Willie Jackson
Starbase 310

Willie is one of LET72 Master-at-Arms

Captain Aaris Parry

Aaris is currently assigned as the Captain of the USS Victorious-A this is her first command and is a decorated SFI Operative.

Lieutenant Commander Charles Stephens

Charles is the Executive Officer of the USS Pioneer


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