aparry started with Bravo Fleet on the USS Victorious as Asst. Chief Tactical/Security Officer back in 1999. Over the years he has been in and out of simming, but returned in 2018 To Command the USS Valhalla and USS Victorious-A


Captain Aaris Parry
Commanding Officer
USS Victorious

Aaris is currently assigned as the Captain of the USS Victorious-A this is her first command and is a decorated SFI Operative.

Senior Chief Petty Officer Charles Stephens
Chief Operations Officer
USS Black Hawk

Chuck is the Chief of the Boat and Assistant Chief Engineer, Damage Control and Maintenance.

Lieutenant Commander Darf Krackden
TACOPS Alpha Team Lead and Chief Security/Tactical Officer
USS Athena

Is currently assigned at Chief Tactical/Security Officer and Tactical Operations Teamleader on the USS Athena. Futility End timeline.

Captain Richard Wayne
Commanding Officer
USS Valhalla

Richard is returning from bereavement leave after the death of his son.

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Lieutenant Commander Sara Mattis
Executive Officer
USS Proxima


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