Lieutenant Junior Grade Gee Thomas

Lt JG Thomas piled into the USS Honolulu along with a half-dozen or so other crew bound for the USS Hawaii, floating in dock high above the planet's surface. She was nervous, though she was trying to not let it show. Her duty assignment had gotten changed at the last minute from a small research vessel to the Hawaii - a Sovereign class starship, and one headed into the thick of things according to the scuttlebutt.

Lieutenant Zim Salmon

Zim Salmon has served in various positions within Starfleet, working in labs or on planet side projects. His inquisitive nature is not to be denied however, and he is seeking to land a position aboard a ship as a chief Science Officer. His actual shipboard experience is quite limited, but his academic credentials are outstanding. He has risen through the ranks on his merits, but his lack of shipboard experience has knocked him out of competition for the position he seeks so far.