Lieutenant Commander Hattie Callander
Chief Security/Tactical Officer
USS Scorpio

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Lieutenant Martha Cusack
Chief of Tactical
USS Triumphant

Martha is a very organised and intelligent person who likes to be focused on the task at hand and to do things properly instead of leaving tasks unfinished. Martha is a caring person and she likes to make sure that all of her friends and crew mates are happy. She is generally quite a reserved person and she much prefers to socialise in smaller groups - but nevertheless Martha likes to let her crew mates know she will always be there to talk to if they need advice or somebody to listen to their problems. Despite being there for other people Martha is a very difficult person to win trust from

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Lieutenant Nealey Snowdon

Captain Claudia Ainscow

Claudia is a very positive and forward looking person who enjoys life. She likes to lead by example and sets a number of standards she likes to be met - although Claudia firmly believes that everybody has their own abilities and doesn't feel aggrieved if people make mistakes.

Claudia is a friendly and welcoming person who will always leave an open door to her colleagues. She firmly believes that people deserve a second chance no matter what they have done - and Claudia will never give up on a lost cause.

She is always open to ideas and will happily admit if her own ideas aren't as reasonable or practical as those of other officers. Claudia's decision making is always based on taking everything into account before taking a decision.

Rear Admiral David Hutchinson

David is a calm and collected person who always looks out for his loved ones and his crew. He has patience in abundance and it takes a long time for David to run out of patience - a trait that has proven useful in situations requiring a more diplomatic approach. Despite his career choice David is still an extremely loyal family man and has continually attempted to get his family to move aboard the starship he is commanding to ensure he can spend more time with them


Dedication Citation – 2 Years

Sim of the Month (TF9)

Dedication Citation – 1 Year

Command Academy Graduate

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Sim of the Month (TF9)

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