From http://roleplay.wikia.com/wiki/Mike_Bremer - Mike Bremer is a Star Trek simmer. He founded Bravo Fleet in 1997 and served as the group's commanding officer from December 1997 to March 2004. Mike left Bravo Fleet in 2008. He continues to host Starbase 400, a sim that has been in continuous operation since 1995. In 2011, Mike was awarded the Simming Prize in honor of his "exemplary leadership within the simming community." Mike was asked by Chas Hammer to become a Simming Prize Trustee in 2014, helping to review nominations and award the next generation of Simming Prize Laureates.

"Mike is Mr. Star Trek simmer...If anyone were to ever construct a Mt. Rushmore of simming, Mike would be included." -Chas Hammer

"In addition to his superior leadership of Bravo Fleet, Mike Bremer has also hosted one of the longest continually running sims on the net, Starbase 400 (previously known as the USS Pegasus), since 1996. Starbase 400 has been in existence since 1995 and has won numerous awards for its high-quality and longevity under Bremer. His pioneering models for club and sim development live on throughout the community. Mike Bremer is unarguably one of the most influential figures in simming history." -Ongoing Worlds 2015

Outside of Simming, Mike is from South Carolina and is married with three children. He's a Christian, loves sports, and played football and baseball before injury ended his career. Mike is an avid fan of the Clemson Tigers, Carolina Panthers, Miami Heat, and Atlanta Braves. He also enjoys playing games on XBox including Battlefield, Call of Duty, NCAA Football, and Madden.

Mike enjoys movies and shows like Star Trek (of course), 24, NCIS, Law and Order SVU, The Avengers (as well as the prequel Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor movies and their sequels), Band of Brothers The Pacific, Transformers, Star Wars, and the list goes on. Mike is also an avid gun owner and shooter, he has a small collection of firearms that includes a Glock 22, M1 Garand, Ruger LC9, and others firearms. He also loves a wide variety of music.

Mike is also a history buff, specifically WW2, WW1, American Civil War, and American Revolutionary War eras.

Mike also used to be involved two car clubs, being the co-founder for both. One was an F-Body (Camaro and Firebird) enthusiasts club and the other was a general club for car customizing (Sound systems, rims, TVs, etc etc), but he had to back away from both due to time constraints (work and family).

Mike is also a proud member of the Forever17 Youth Organization founded by former Clemson football players Stanley Hunter and Jamie Harper. He assists with the small website and events that help low income and at risk youth and their families in the Upstate and Midlands of South Carolina.


Lieutenant Commander Clint Cross
Intelligence Officer
Starbase 400

Not much is publicly known about Clint's past, and he prefers it that way. He's a quiet guy, but has a sharp tongue at times and
can insult spar with the best of them. Entered Starfleet Academy in 2370 following his graduation from Stanford University. Lost his brother early in the Dominion War. A quiet man, with a sarcastic side. Doesn't apply himself as well as he should at times, but doesn't let his friends or crew down. Has a knack for engineering and building things, even attended Stanford because of this, but wasn't satisfied so he took tactical courses at Starfleet Academy. Very analytically and tactically sound thinking.

Major Danny Lennox
4th Marine Regiment Commander
Starbase 400

Career Marine. Dominion War vet

Lieutenant Junior Grade Heath Carter
Security/Tactical Officer / Investigations Officer
Starbase 400

High sense of duty, loyal to his friends and family. Strong willing and always gets the job done. Has a strong sense of justice. Analytical thinker. Physically fit, strong. He's Dutiful, loyal. Strong willed but he's also still young and learning. Sometimes has a 'youthful idealist' attitude, but he shouldn't be seen as 'innocent' or naive.

Carter is an avid runner and kickboxer.

Captain Jonathan Roebuck
Commanding Officer
USS Pegasus

When Roebuck gives his word, he means it, and will do everything in his power to keep that promise. A quiet man. Methodical in his thinking and actions, he doesn’t make a move without considering the outcome, good or bad.

Vice Admiral K'Temoc
Special Operations Group CO/USS Yorktown-F CO
Starbase 400

Intelligent, tactically sound mind. Fearless warrior. Protective of his family and friends. Strong believer in the ideals that the Federation and Starfleet were founded upon, sometimes called a Patriot.

Didn't want to be made a Flag Officer, wanted to remain as a Captain were he can be 'in the field'. K'Temoc has been able to remain 'in the field' by being based at Starbase 400 will his ship, the USS Yorktown based out of there. Aside from his duties as Task Force 99 Commanding Officer, K'Temoc also commands the Special Operations Team for Starbase 400.

K'Temoc is currently dating Lieutenant Danielle Cole, a Science Officer aboard Starbase 400.

Ensign Karl Ballard
Security/Tactical Officer / Brig Officer
Starbase 400

Skilled fighter. Loyal to his friends, but his loyalty is hard earn. Family is extremely important to him. Believes strongly in Starfleet's mission. Has a clear view of right and wrong, there's no much gray area in his opinion. Wants to own a ranch in Texas...at some point after getting a Starship command of his own. Enjoys kickboxing, jogging, horseback riding, and old Earth 'western' movies. He's also a history buff.

Fleet Admiral Mike Bremer
Commanding Officer/USS Pegasus-B CO
Starbase 400

Commanding Officer of Starbase 400, Flagbase of the Ares Operational Theater in Beta Quadrant. Flagship is the USS Pegasus NCC-1702-B.

Average height and weight, muscular. Looks like the normal Human, but has a Klingon Physiology with one exception, he does have tear ducts. Mike's heart is ALL Klingon, but he does have a soft side few get to see. He wears a silver Klingon Ha'quj, 'baldric' and belongs to the House of Martok, since 2374. K'Wor has short hair but easily can grow it long, when he does, he wears it in a pony tail. Mike sometimes also grows a gotee that is thinly trimmed and shaped.

Tactically sound thinking, a cunning warrior. Mike isn't a fan of 'flying a desk', but over the years has grown to love Starbase 400 and the adventures that have come with it.

Commander Paul MacLeod
Special Operations Group Alpha Team Commander / USS Vanguard CO
Starbase 400

Noble, loyal, honest. He will put the people he cares about above his own needs. Tactically sound in Starship Operations, and a cunning Warrior on the ground. Avid weapons collector...mostly bladed. Human and Klingon mostly. Owns an 800 year old ivory handled Katana, a 600 year old Klingon Bat'leth, 1000 year old Scottish Claymore, and a 400 year old Klingon Mek'leth to name a few. Paul is also welcome trained is several martial arts such as Karate, Judo, mok'bara.

First Ramata`tar
Security/Tactical Officer / Dominion Exchange Officer
Starbase 400

A little calm for the typical Jem Hadar. Odo's former First, Commander of his personal Commando Team and Body Guard. Loyal, with a sense of honor not usually found among Jem Hadar. Physical strong. Great warrior. Willing to listen to new ideas, loyal to his crew mates, but can at times become violent/aggressive.

Lieutenant Richard Metsker
Security/Tactical Officer / Investigations Officer
Starbase 400

Wanted to be a school teacher when he was younger, Rich later decided to join Starfleet. Stronger than he appears to be, determined, dedicated to his job and protecting the Federation. Rich has a whit about him, and can sarcastically spare with the best of them. Well trained in multiple forms of hand-to-hand combat and the use of personal weapons. Smart and skilled.

He's not the biggest or the strongest guy, and he can be over-powered at times. He can get out of tough situations with excellent pre-planning and thinking on the fly.

Enjoys running, soccer, reading, model building. Likes various types of music.

Civilian Tom Vercetti
Civilian/Restaraunt Owner
Starbase 400

Average height and weight. Short hair, clean shaven. Speaks with a slight Italian accent. Former Starfleet Officer, his records are sealed by order of Starfleet Command, but it is believed he was either a member of Starfleet Intel or the now disbanded 'Shadow Operations' unit.

Tom currents owns and operates the ‘Good Fella’s Bar and Grille’ on the Starbase 400 promenade.

Lieutenant Junior Grade Walter Roebuck
Starbase 400

General Overview: Loyal and honest. Like his older brother Jonathan Roebuck IV who serves aboard Starbase 400, Walt will put the people he cares about above his own needs. Tactically sound in Starship Operations, and a fearsome fighter on the ground, trained in multiple fighting styles. Also like his older brother, Walt has been known to disobey orders if he believed those orders to be unjust or against Starfleet code. That said, he has a very strict personal code of what's right and wrong.


Medal of Collaboration

Simm of the Month (BFA)

Gene Roddenberry Commendation of Excellence

Community Recognition Ribbon

Admiralty Unit Citation

Task Force Participation Medal

Fleet Admiral Emeritus

Active Command At Sea

Recruitment Award

Medal of Collaboration

Medal of Achievement

Writing Proficiency Ribbon

Command Ribbon (Class C)

Dedication Citation – 20 years

Command Academy Graduate

Medal of Collaboration

Medal of Collaboration

Writing Proficiency Ribbon

Sim of the Quarter

Sim of the Month (TF99)

Sim of the Month (TF99)

Recruitment Award