Lieutenant Commander Aeryn Kelan

Aeryn's father had been in the Diplomatic Corps so it is a familiar environment for her. When the opportunity came she agreed to go to the Delta Quadrant for a specific mission for 3 months, after which she was supposed to return to the Alpha Quadrant. But now, she is stuck there and her requests to return home had been denied. She has a son there and the thought of never seeing him again is hard to deal with.

Lieutenant Commander Kretorg

Kretorg has a background in the Diplomatic Corps, but during the war for Archinis IV, despite strict orders not to, he made contact with possible Federation allies within the Empire. Shortly after that he was recruited to change his career for a life in covert operations. Shortly after his training, the Dominion war broke out, and Kre was pulled into service immediately, specifically in Joint Operations with the KDF.
After the war he was involved in several joint missions with the KDF. That made the way for him to be stationed on 2 Klingon vessels as XO. Information about a sensitive mission into the Beta Quadrant was leaked, resulting in Kretorg returning to federation space and with a demotion. His experience and skills set, made him ideal to be transferred to the USS Bellona.


Dedication Citation – 6 Months