Lieutenant Commander Amanda Greystone
Chief Engineering Officer / De Facto Commanding Officer
The Reliquary

Amanda is of average height for a human woman. Her soft brown hair falls down slightly past her shoulders to her ribs. She carries herself with a somewhat detached air: Not because she is aloof, but because she frequently has a lot on her mind. Her green eyes are typically focused on something just beyond or behind the person she's talking to or the monitor she's working on.

Amanda's style of command can best be called "relaxed." She does not take herself too seriously, and prefers to surround herself with officers and crew of the same caliber. She is confident in her abilities as a command line officer, and it shows in the way she converses with her crew.

Captain Autumn Holmes
The Reliquary

Autumn is relatively short in height, and lithe in build. Her long blond hair tends to flow in free, loose curls, laying softly onto her shoulders. When on duty, she tends to keep it pulled back into a neat pony tail, and out of the way of what she is doing. She carries herself with a casual air, even while on duty, and is known to smile frequently.

Autumn is a generally happy woman, who smiles frequently while on and off duty. Her command style (like her bedside manner) is generally very relaxed, and she prefers to converse with most of her senior staff on a first name basis versus rank and last name. There are those in both the Admiralty and amongst her various crews that have suggested she break this habit, but Autumn firmly believes that it fost

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Lieutenant Julian Durand

Julian grew up in a Starfleet-centric family, and has served with distinction through most of his career. He has consistently been said to conduct himself with integrity and ingenuity in his career with Starfleet.

He received command of a Wallace class ship on his 30th birthday, and was stationed in the oft-war torn Gavarian Corridor for the better part of 9 months, before being transferred to a chief of security position on a larger starship.

The ship was nearly destroyed in a skirmish with the Order of 12 in 2385. His crew was transferred to a larger vessel while the smaller ship underwent repairs and rebuilding. While stationed aboard that ship as the chief of tactical and security, a Borg incursion caused most of the crew to be flung across the galaxy to the Gamma Quadrant.


Command Academy Graduate

Command At Sea (Active)

Command Ribbon (Class C)

Sim of the Month (TF9)