Chris is a long-time simmer and Star Trek (and Wars) fan. He started in UCIP and AQSG back in 2001 and worked his way up to running a fleet in AQSG, 5th Fleet Thunderfleet. He then took a short break and then began simming again in 2010 and continues today with, Bravofleet, Obsidian Fleet, and Pegasus Fleet. In BF, he has served as TFXO for Task Force 93 and as the BF Internet Officer.


Commodore Caymen Greener

Lieutenant Junior Grade Franklin "Tully" Tullerson

Franklin Tullerson, known by most as Tully, is an ace pilot in all manner of shuttles, fighters, and alien craft. He's a quick thinker and a quick study. But one thing that keeps him back is his attitude - a short fuse and a disregard for most authority figures gets him in trouble all too often.

His blonde slick hair, blue-green eyes, and suave smile only get him so far, although he is not so hard on the eyes on duty or off.

But Tully has to adjust to the special and specific circumstances of the Belladona - his biggest challenges lies before him!

Lieutenant Valoru

Looks like your typical Andorian, except with slightly longer hair that is not as neatly trimmed. He usually wears a midnight blue tight body armor suit, showing off his muscular, slender tone. He's definitely fit. He is older - especially for his rank, but he doesn't show it physically. A bit sly and laid back, but also joking and snarky. Valoru tends to hang back until he feels like the fun starts, then he is fully engaged.


Command Academy Graduate

Command Ribbon (Class C)

Rear Admiral Emeritus

Past Command At Sea

Dedication Citation – 4 Years