Lieutenant Junior Grade Baktosh Redclaw
Chief Tactical & Security Officer
USS Medea

Baktosh Redclaw was born on Kzin and was trained as a warrior of the Kzinti Patriarchy. As a youth, he came across a hidden enclave of women Kzinti who challenged the notion that Kzinti women were mindless animals. He maintained contact with the enclave, falling in love with one of its members and starting a family. Baktosh and his family were forced to flee Kzin when he disobeyed orders to destroy the enclave. They fled to Earth, and Baktosh enrolled in Starfleet Academy, applying his martial skills to help the society that helped him.

Commander Emmanuelle Larose
Executive Officer
Heyerdahl Station

Emmanuelle is a pleasant person with a bubbly personality. She can be intensely serious when the situation calls for it, and is the pinnacle of professionalism while on duty. Off duty, she is fun, delightful, and charming. She has excellent judgment. In her youth, her feelings occasionally got in the way of her job, but that happens much more rarely now.

Emmanuelle has always been ambitious, but she listened to her mentors back on USS Pandora and decided to climb the ranks slowly, learning wherever and whenever she could to become an indispensable resource.

Her interests include Galactic politics, diplomacy, and strategic affairs, but also holodeck programs and dancing. She still spends time in Phaser ranges, keeping her skills sharp.

Emmanuelle loves her family, especially her niece

Lieutenant Junior Grade Evaad Hessen
Chief Operations Officer
USS Altai

Evaad Hessen is a Betazoid who, due to a past trauma that affects his ability to block people out, has difficulties working with other people. He has devoted his career into engineering and computer programming, and has surrounded himself for many years with holograms rather than people. At the advice of his counselors, he has decided to transition from solitary life into the crew of a starship, though he still prefers the company of machines and holograms.

Ensign Jane Sinclair
Chief Flight Control Officer
USS Shanghai

Jane Sinclair is a skilled pilot of starships and especially shuttlecraft. She joined Starfleet in her mid-twenties following a stint as a shuttle mechanic at the Proxima Maintenance Yards. In 2389, she was assigned as a flight control officer on the USS Shanghai.

Lieutenant Jane Sinclair
Chief Medical Officer (and Veterinarian)/2XO
USS Legacy

Jane Sinclair is a certified medical doctor and veterinarian from Vega Colony who joined Starfleet to help treat humans, aliens, and animals all around the Galaxy.

Lieutenant John Sandoval
Chief Diplomatic Officer
USS Pandora

John Sandoval joined the Marines at the outbreak of the Dominion War, but was injured on the battlefield and returned to Earth for medical rehabilitation. Always a learner, he resumed a paused university education and eventually earned a Bachelor's degree, a Master's degree, and a Doctorate in history, focussing on the wars of Earth immediately pre-Federation. He joined Starfleet and serves as a diplomatic officer aboard the USS Pandora.

Lieutenant Commander Magnus Grey
Executive Officer
USS America

Magnus is on the low end of average height for a man in Starfleet, though is very fit, owing to significant time spent in the gym. Previous girlfriends have always said he looked very handsome, especially when wearing the uniform. Off-duty, Magnus is laid back and enjoys spending time with people. He enjoys moving and spending time outdoors, but also loves spending hours in quiet with someone reading or watching something. He does not like being alone.

Lieutenant Junior Grade Sayori Summers
Chief Engineering Officer
USS Astraea

Sayori is an exuberant young woman who is often happy and full of energy. When she is happy, her joy can be infectious. She’ll take most hardships in stride, usually saying she’s “hard as nails”.

When something does go too far, it can upset her greatly. Her rage has been described as scary, despite her small stature. When truly saddened, she might avoid social encounters for days at a time. Counselors have seen her and do not think she has any sort of manic-depression, but she does know she needs to pay attention to it.

She is extremely technically savvy and loves working with technology. She joined Starfleet at age 17 to become an engineer. She wears the engineer's ring with great pride.

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Toran Ilos
State Secretary for Foreign Affairs and Federalist Party Minister for Foreign Affairs
Assembly Hall of Ashalla

Toran Ilos began a career in politics nine years ago, following a brief stint in the Bajoran Militia and almost five years in the Foreign Service. A firm believer in the Federation, his utmost priority is ensuring that no Bajoran is negatively affected by Bajor’s Federation membership.

Staff Warrant Officer Victor Ward
Technical Lead
USS Polaris

Victor is a professional who dives completely into his work. He has been in Starfleet long enough that he knows his way around any engine room, transporter, shuttlecraft, or engineering support lab. He prefers spending his time in the labs, machining new components to solve their problems.

Lieutenant Commander William Hunt
Strategic Operations Officer
USS Nogura

William Hunt is an expert at analyzing both the fine details and the big picture of most situations and provide rational strategic advice to his commanding officer. He began his career in the civilian government, but was advised to join Starfleet by his mentor. Over the years he has become an expert in the Romulan government and culture.

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Commander Yulin Rael
Commanding Officer
USS Atlantis

Yulin Rael was an engineer with the Trill civilian star fleet until the Dominion War forced him to transfer to Starfleet. Born Yulin Joral, he was the second host to the Rael symbiont. He stayed in Starfleet when the war ended and became Chief Engineer of the USS Saturn in 2381. In mid-2389, he was offered command of the science vessel USS Atlantis.


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