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Lieutenant Commander Bob

It is a sad truth that in a universe where time travel exists, so do temporal refugees. Such unfortunate people, barred from returning home as a result of the Temporal Prime Directive, often find themselves lost in a new time, grieving for their loved ones, doomed to live in a world like their own...but so very different.
When these refugees arrive, however, Bob is there to meet them. While many of his patients are often bemused to find themselves counseled by a Horta, a simple sentient rock, they nevertheless find his cheery mannerisms comforting. For many years Bob has helped temporal refugees, from the crew of the stranded USS Bozeman to the survivors of the long-destroyed USS Churchill. Now that the Providence has suffered the same tragic fate, Bob couldn't resist answering the call.

Lieutenant Cailus Griffin
Chief Security/Tactical Officer
USS Pandora

Cailus is a man from another time, someone who has suffered an extraordinary loss, although few would guess such upon meeting him. On the job he is a cold, professional man, dedicated wholly to the safety of his shipmates and the Federation in general. In actuality Cailus was born in 2264 and served in Starfleet throughout the 2290s. An attack left him stranded in an escape pod, forced into deep cryostasis for eighty seven years before finally being rescued and returned to the Federation...but with his wife and daughter, as well as everyone he had ever known, now long dead. He is a hardened, broken man, yet despite everything he has lost, he now stands ready to defend his new home, the USS Pandora, with all his strength.

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Ensign Kibi Hren
Security Officer
USS Southern Cross

Kibi can be defined by three words: guns, guns and guns. She loves them. While originally a refugee from Cardassia Prime following the final battle of the Dominion War, Kibi has embraced her father's love of the Federation and its ideals, even while hiding from her mother, a veteran Gul of the Cardassian military. Kibi is a bright and bubbly young ensign at the start of her journey, and much like countless other young Starfleet ensigns, it is a journey she looks forward to eagerly. Kibi's first assignment is to the USS Southern Cross, a Ronin-class starship, and she has taken to her new home with unabashed eagerness...although admittedly, part of that eagerness is in blowing stuff up for the Federation. Lots of stuff.

Lieutenant Zen Mesper
USS Venture

Zen, in many respects, is a strange Starfleet officer to serve on a starship as famous as the Venture. He is not bold or assertive, nor is he reputed as a great leader. He rarely catches the eye of his superior officers, and with the exception of his service in the Dominion War, Zen's service record is undistinguished. The vast majority of Zen's achievements have been academic, and he has gained fame as an anthropologist as well as a scientific polymath in general. By all rights, Zen should be on a starbase or an outpost, or be a professor at a distinguished university on one of the Federation's core worlds.

However, Zen has Capellan blood in his veins and Capellan culture in his heart...and he has the soul of an adventurer.

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Ensign Ixelom Vajeem

Ixelom is a fairly typical Tellarite female. She is short and stocky, much shorter than most humanoids or even most Tellarites. While sufficiently fit to qualify as a Starfleet officer, Ixelom nevertheless has a considerable distaste for exercise and is slightly overweight for a Tellarite of her age and height.


Dedication Citation – 6 Months

Player of the Quarter

Player of the Month (TF72)

Medal of Collaboration