Lieutenant Junior Grade Alicia Kelea
Chief Operations Officer
USS Perenolde

Alicia is the Chief Operations Officer of the USS Perenolde.

(More to follow)

Lieutenant Althea Reyna
USS Taniwha

Althea recently transferred to the USS Taniwha from the USS Dauntless.

During the battle of Cardassia the Dauntless took heavy damage and eventually docked at Deep Space Nine for repair. With the treaty of Bajor declared and peace announced, Althea took leave on DS9 with William Morgan and accepted his proposal of marriage. They didn’t have much time to celebrate as they were both assigned to the USS Taniwha.

Althea currently serves as the Taniwha's Chief Counsellor

Lieutenant Ariana Monroe
Chief Counselor
Starbase 400

This is Ariana’s first assignment since the death of her husband. She had promised him that she would carry on with her life and is currently pregnant with the child she & her husband Jonathon had wanted.

Lieutenant Keri Kelea
Counselor / Archaeologist and Anthropologist
USS Atlantis

Keri has just been assigned to the USS Atlantis as Chief Counsellor. She can also double up as the ship's Archaeologist and Anthropologist.

Lieutenant Krysia Kaleri
Chief Counsellor
USS Pandora

Krysia began her career aboard the Pandora as the Chief Operations Officer, she has since been transferred to Chief Counsellor. She also has the secondary post of ship’s Archaeologist and Anthropologist.

Krysia is currently engaged to Lieutenant James Smith the Pandora's Chief Intelligence Officer.

Civilian Nicole Eagle
Eagle Antiques Shop Owner
Starbase Port Royale

Nicole isn’t your a-typical Betazoid She has luscious Red hair and Baby Blue eyes. She is married to John Eagle and is co-owner of Eagle’s Antiques.

Nicole is currently pregnant with hers and JJ’s first child.

Lieutenant Junior Grade Olivia O'Riley
Psychological Services Lead
Heyerdahl Station

Olivia is one of very few Drax outside her home system, the daughter of one of the Drax Ambassadors & a member of the ruling family line although she doesn’t care for the hype that goes with it.

She’s empathic & telepathic (think Betazoid but stronger) she’s a fully trained Counsellor & Operations married to the station’s Strategic Operations Officer Timothy O’Riley.

Lieutenant Piper Cullen
Chief Operations Officer
USS Triton

Piper was born at Starfleet Medical. She applied for acceptance into Starfleet Academy at 16 and was thrilled to learn that she had been accepted. She already had an interest in Counselling so she decided to study psychology as well as Counselling, she also has a knack with machines so she took Operations as her other main field of study. She graduated four years later high in her classes and was assigned to her first Starship. Ten years later she has now been assigned to the USS Triton as Chief of Ops.


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