PLEASE NOTE: These listings represent in-character information only and do not reflect staff positions in the Bravo Fleet organization.

Sergeant Major Ayla Hamilton

Enlisting straight out of high school Ayla Hamilton was out to find a place where she could exercise both her mind and body and get paid for it.. She decided to try for the SFMC, and entered Boot Camp on Mars at the second camp dubbed Parris Island. From there she went on to join in several campaigns including the Dominion War from 2373 to 2375. Since then she has moved from command to command, in the Alpha then Gamma and now Beta Quadrants..

Played by Qapla

Lieutenant Junior Grade Azdra Tuhl
Assistant Chief Medical Officer
USS Devonshire

The fifth host of the Tuhl symbiont, Azdra Tuhl, originally Azdra Prin, is a calm, level-headed doctor with a perfectionist streak a parsec wide. A relative newcomer to Starfleet but not to the medical profession, this is her first taste of any sort of commanding responsibility as the Devonshire's Assistant Chief Medical Officer. She wants nothing more than to be a worthy host, and the best doctor she can be.

Played by keepitmythy

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Ensign B'mala

B'mala fled from the Empire after her house suffered several large setbacks and is on the brink of extension. She is a little bitter about her exodus from her home. She is also feels that she is something of a failure because she fled from a fight in which her uncle and house head was killed.

Played by Pennyflower

Commodore Bahrat Noth
Commanding Officer
USS Equinox

Adren Bahrat Noth is a Nausicaan Starfleet officer, holding the rank of Fleet Captain. He has spent much of the last couple decades dealing with issues concerning the Delta Quadrant. Bahrat has spent the bulk of his career serving in Bravo Fleet’s 38th Task Force in various roles. After the events of The Battle of The Round Table, he was promoted to Captain and given command of the USS Equinox. After his crews successful pass through the Ghemawat wormhole, Epatha Gateway and discovered the Gradin Belt, he was promptly promoted to Fleet Captain. With this promotion followed new responsibility.

Played by Bahrat Noth

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Lieutenant Commander Bal-Retorin
Kartelan Station

Played by Shannon

Captain Batai Dhej
Commanding Offier
USS Sirona

Batai is an interesting individual, due to his status as a joined Trill.

Played by Cliff

Commander Ben Isakov

Ben Isakov is a no-nonsense individual. His military training prior to joining Starfleet had instilled in him a sense of duty which he sees as his primary guiding force in life.

Played by JPSaylor

Lieutenant Commander Benjamin Barnes

Lt Cmdr Benjamin Barnes has currently joined the crew of the USS Infinity as the ships Chief Tactical Officer. Barnes is an accomplished Dominion war veteran who had recently served four years at the Academy as an instructor in the fields of Security and Tactical. He was born and raised in Portsmouth a south English coastal city whose history is long and proud in serving not just Starfleet but Earths military historical figures. He is a strong-minded individual who lives life day by day to a strict self-inflicted set of morals.

Played by RyderJameson

Lieutenant Commander Blackford
USS Ark Royal

Ambitious, at odds with his captain, and driven to be the best, Blackford's assignment to the Ark Royal comes not from his own success but by the manipulations of others.

Played by Aaron

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Lieutenant Commander Bob

It is a sad truth that in a universe where time travel exists, so do temporal refugees. Such unfortunate people, barred from returning home as a result of the Temporal Prime Directive, often find themselves lost in a new time, grieving for their loved ones, doomed to live in a world like their own...but so very different.
When these refugees arrive, however, Bob is there to meet them. While many of his patients are often bemused to find themselves counseled by a Horta, a simple sentient rock, they nevertheless find his cheery mannerisms comforting. For many years Bob has helped temporal refugees, from the crew of the stranded USS Bozeman to the survivors of the long-destroyed USS Churchill. Now that the Providence has suffered the same tragic fate, Bob couldn't resist answering the call.

Played by Griff

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Lieutenant Brendan Dernah

Played by Brendan

Civilian Brenk
USS Southern Cross

Notably attractive for a Ferengi. Brenk is tall and lean, standing at 5'2". His clothes are extravagant and well-kept. He has piercing emerald eyes and a slight, angular jawline.

Played by AnnatarYoung

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Lieutenant Bryta Mylo
Chief Security/Tactical Officer
USS Valhalla

Played by JSlattery

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Lieutenant Junior Grade C'Morr
Chief Science Officer
USS Kumari

Played by CaptainPorthos

Lieutenant Cailus Griffin
Chief Security/Tactical Officer
USS Pandora

Cailus is a man from another time, someone who has suffered an extraordinary loss, although few would guess such upon meeting him. On the job he is a cold, professional man, dedicated wholly to the safety of his shipmates and the Federation in general. In actuality Cailus was born in 2264 and served in Starfleet throughout the 2290s. An attack left him stranded in an escape pod, forced into deep cryostasis for eighty seven years before finally being rescued and returned to the Federation...but with his wife and daughter, as well as everyone he had ever known, now long dead. He is a hardened, broken man, yet despite everything he has lost, he now stands ready to defend his new home, the USS Pandora, with all his strength.

Played by Griff

No Image Available

Captain Calandrah Paxton
Executive Officer
USS Sirius

Played by Paxton

Commander Calida
Director of Strategic Plans (N5)
Providence Fleet Yards

Nobody has physically seen Calida and lived to tell the tale. She is an electromagnetic non-corporeal being. While onboard Starfleet vessels, Calida inhabits a mechanical mobile frame that is roughly humanoid in appearance. Within her quarters, she often transfers to a protective carrier pod whose dimensions are approximately 1m x 1/2m x 1/2m.

Calida has a transcendental perspective which is not given to excesses whether positive or negative, though her wry sense of humor never fully leaves even in the worst of circumstances. Baser lifeforms may wrongly interpret her as mercurial.

Played by wizardbeard

Lieutenant Commander Calvin Hall
Chief Of Starbase Security
Deep Space 14

Calvin Hall is the Chief of Starbase Security for DS14. Hall has served before with Captain Richard Sharpe.

Played by arcticblast

Commander Calvin Rhodes
Commanding Officer
USS Hypatia

Played by Nate

Lieutenant Camila Di Pasquale
Chief Security/Tactical Officer
USS Black Hawk

Camila has long, wavy blonde brown hair that she keeps braided while on duty and loose when she's off duty. She has warm brown eyes that have a piercing quality when she is in search of someone. She has an oval shaped face, a slim nose and full lips. She keeps herself in shape through long hours of hard work and training, but she is also soft and curvaceous at the same time.

Played by Camila Di Pasquale

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