PLEASE NOTE: These listings represent in-character information only and do not reflect staff positions in the Bravo Fleet organization.

Chief Petty Officer Alexander Pharos
Computer Systems Specialist
USS Excalibur

Assigned to the USS Excalibur as a Computer Systems Specialist, it is Alex's job to ensure the continued operation and efficiency of the computer systems aboard the ship.

Played by Alexander Pharos

Captain Alice Griffin
Commanding Officer
USS Scorpio

Captain Alice Griffin is the current Commanding Officer of the USS Scorpio, before her current assignment she served as Commanding Officer of the USS Satie.

Played by Alexander

Admiral Allison Reyes
Starfleet Liaison
Palais de la Concorde

Admiral Allison Reyes is a member of the Bravo Fleet Command Council and the Starfleet liaison to Palais de la Concorde. Formerly, she served as the Task Force Commanding Officer of Task Force 93, the Fleet Executive Officer for the Fourth Fleet, the Director of Research and Development for the Fourth Fleet and the Commanding Officer of Faltan Station.

Played by JonM

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Commander Alvin Mitchell
Commanding Officer
USS Thurgood Marshall

Alvin Mitchell is the Commanding Officer of the USS Thurgood Marshall, a revolutionary ship designed to pursue and apprehend criminals of Starfleet and the Federation. With a long history in investigation, Alvin was an easy choice for the CO of the ship, and is tasked with keeping his crew at their best so as to fulfill their mandate.

Played by selocon

Lieutenant Alyse Batari
Chief Science Officer
USS Astraea

Played by KrisK1226

Lieutenant Commander Amanda Greystone

Amanda is of average height for a human woman. Her soft brown hair falls down slightly past her shoulders to her ribs. She carries herself with a somewhat detached air: Not because she is aloof, but because she frequently has a lot on her mind. Her green eyes are typically focused on something just beyond or behind the person she's talking to or the monitor she's working on.

Amanda's style of command can best be called "relaxed." She does not take herself too seriously, and prefers to surround herself with officers and crew of the same caliber. She is confident in her abilities as a command line officer, and it shows in the way she converses with her crew.

Played by QuodEroSpero

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Lieutenant Amiri Aldana 365
Chief Medical Officer (CMO)
USS Hawaii

Amiri is a hard working, well educated doctor in many varieties of veterinary medicine, as well as xeno-medicine. S/he had both Kazarite and Hermat parents that give hir, hir appearance and gender. Kazarites have a strong connection to all animals non-humanoid and humanoid. They are covered in fur, walk on their digits (like paws) and have a cute prehensile tail. Amiri's fur pattern is similar to a white tiger. S/he is a hermaphrodite and attempts to enjoy hir dual nature whenever possible.

Played by Vanth

Admiral Anatole Lazarus
Deep Space 11

Anatole Lazarus is a Federation Starfleet Admiral who is currently serving as a member of the Fourth Fleet Command Council. He is most prominently known for his work as Academy Commandant and his and his heroism for surviving two years in a Jem'Hadar prisoner of war camp during the Dominion War.

Played by Tom

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Lieutenant Junior Grade Anders Hayes

Played by JSlattery

Captain Anjad Terax
Commanding Officer
USS Magellan

Played by aio

Captain Anthony Richardson
Commanding Officer
USS Excalibur

Rugged good looks don’t go anywhere close to describing Anthony. His grey hair is a good look for a man of his age, his desire to not really bother with what it looks like gives it a very ruffled look. A piercing stare will send anyone to the likes of Siberia when he doesn’t appreciate their “stupidity” as Anthony puts it. Being your average height and weight, everything just seems to be because it was like that when it comes to Anthony; there really is not a whole lot that is special about him when it comes to looks. Anthony is always clean-shaven and whatever he wears is always neatly clean and pressed to give others the sense that he looks after himself and takes pride in himself.

Played by Leam Mark Farrar

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Lieutenant Araan Ragez
Chief Science Officer
USS Sentinel

Most people would classify Araan as a somewhat reserved individual, someone who is careful and measured in everything that they do and say. Loyalty to his shipmates is extremely important to him, and he will often come to their defense if they are spoken ill of by somebody else. Above all, Araan is a seeker of scientific and universal truth. He sees it as his duty to unlock the secrets of the universe and share them with everybody. Araan insists on strict professionalism from those he supervises, and conducts himself similarly.

Araan is a recognized expert in both Cosmology and Quantum Theory. Although he does not hold a PhD, much of the theoretical and practical work that he has done is on that level. Araan is an efficient organizer and leads a highly disciplined department.

Played by Ragez

Lieutenant Commander Ari Warren
Commanding Officer
USS Astraea

Arianna Warren, a Human/Betazoid hybrid, was raised by adoptive parents on Earth. When she turned 18, she broke from tradition and applied for Starfleet Academy. She chose Engineering as her career of choice and excelled in her studies. Her personal life, however suffered and by the end of her first year she was seeing a Betazoid counselor regularly for help coping and tutelage on controlling her empathic abilities. There were very few blips in her remaining education years.

She served on the USS Corinthian, USS Horatio, and the USS Magellan before deciding she wanted to have a command of her own. Arianna sent in an application for a command while the Magellan headed home for a refit.

Played by Rach H

Lieutenant Arianna Frost
Chief Intelligence Officer
USS Magellan

Arianna is a shrewd individual, with a keen eye for details, especially when it comes to reading people’s motives and mannerisms. She prefers to listen and observe rather than speak. When she does speak however, her voice is usually soft and calm, which makes her a good conversationalist. Ari can, however, adjust her pitch for it to be heard, when she wants to, without it necessarily getting loud. She’s a mild mannered, calm woman that is very slow to anger and even slower to execute that anger, usually very pointedly (can be a rather savage pointedness). Frost doesn’t smile or laugh often and when she does, it’s usually quite sudden and unexpected.

Played by Kos

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Lieutenant Commander Arjin Djinx
Chief Science Officer
USS Black Hawk

Played by Arjin Djinx

Ensign Arthur, Son of Ruk
Chief Operations Officer (OPS)
USS Hawaii

Played by selocon

Lieutenant Commander Artie Talbot
Executive Officer
USS Altai

Arthur "Artie" Talbot is the Executive Officer of the USS Altai, a promotion received due to extraordinary service as the ship's Chief Engineer.

Played by greenfelt22

Lieutenant Junior Grade Asami Inoue
Chief Science Officer
USS Southern Cross

Played by Kaichi

Lieutenant Ashlana Mahjere

She is strong of will and tends to be very forthright. She was from a family that were into space carnivals. She tends to focus on positives instead of the negative that she can feel at times.

Positive Thinker
Has a temper but tends to keep it under control
Very eager to please

Played by Zyrell

Master Sergeant Atlee MIcklin
Team Leader 1st MARSOC Group
Starbase 400

Atlee Micklin was born at Columbia, South Carolina, Earth on August 23, 2343. He is the son of a starship construction worker, and a teacher. In the "utopia" type economy on Earth, he came from a poor family. Upon completion of his Secondary Education, he joined the Federation Marines, seizing the opportunity to leave his impoverished life behind, and follow in his brother's footsteps. He is currently a Team Leader in the 1st MARSOC Group. He is a Second Klingon War Combat Veteran, Dominion War Veteran.

Played by Gladius327

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