Magnus Temple

With his dark, medium length hair tucked casually behind his ears, a wide but gentle smile, deep blue eyes and a constant five o'clock shadow around his long face, Magnus appears more at home in an art gallery than his more serious Diplomat profession. He usually comes across very relaxed and laid back. Magnus is reasonably tall without being intimidating, due to his nonchalant posture, and Star Fleet fit without being overly muscled - due to his preference for long distance running. Now in his mid- 30's, Magnus is distinguish with a defined sense of casual Earth/European style.


Born in Copenhagen, Earth in 2354, Magnus is the youngest child of Spencer and Brigitte Temple, and younger brother to Nycolas. His father, then a Lieutenant in Star Fleet, took an extended leave of absence to raise the young family in Denmark. Here they enjoyed a relaxed, fun-filled life in the artisan, historical city, and so that their mother, a career politician, could continue to work as a European and UFP leader.

When they were old enough, Magnus and Nyx would visit their grandparents on Betazed, which Magnus enjoyed thoroughly. He loved travelling in Star Fleet vessels and especially seeing his warm, loud, energetic grandmother. She instilled upon the young boy a fun, compassionate outlook on life, as well as basic training for his empathic ability. She passed when Magnus was 12 and he vowed to always live up to her image.

Magnus’ mother Brigitte was a politician on Earth and was elected States Minister of Denmark in 2364, then chaired the European Council to United Earth’s government for a term in 2367. Brigitte Temple was known as a progressive leader, speaking often of the need for the UFP to undertake more humanitarian missions. Magnus was a keen observer during this time, proud and encouraged by his mother’s ideals.

The young Magnus was often in the halls of Parliament, asking far too many questions and making a clear impression of the Diplomat and politician he would become. While his parents worked, Magnus often visited his grandfather, who had returned to earth and now lived in the southern United States while taking care of Magnus’ wayward cousin Jesse as well. The three boys, Nyx, Magnus, and Jesse, loved playing in the bayous of New Orleans, and listening to granddad’s war stories of fighting the Borg and the Gorn.

At 18, Magnus followed his father and grandfather’s footsteps into Star Fleet Academy, though followed his mother’s passion for humanitarianism. He majored in Diplomacy and minored in Alien Languages. He joined the cadet’s representative council and was elected Council Chair in his third year, known as an organiser and passionate campaigner. In his final year, he was invited to address the United Federation of Planets Diplomatic Corp Annual Delegation in San Francisco, Earth.

He graduated with honours in 2375. Due to his impressive networking and hard work, he was selected as a Junior Envoy within Star Fleet HQ, shadowing several chief diplomats. Following this, he took several different postings throughout Federation territory, gaining experience and skills as a focused and professional Diplomat. He rose through the ranks of Envoy to Aide and then Diplomatic Officer during this time.

After many years working abroad, Magnus missed his family and home. In 2380, Magnus took a break from Star Fleet to work as a consultant to the then-States Minister of Denmark, coming home to Copenhagen and Earth governments. Convinced by his parents to run for office, he was elected for a term as a junior minister in 2381 and representative to the European Council. In 2383, he joined the UFP Aid Council and liaised with the Federation Executive Cabinet, which gained him a position as Assistant Secretary to the Exterior. He was seen as potential future leader, much like his mother, but some believed he needed more experience and more time out within Starfleet operations in front-line service.

Knowing this, Magnus resolved to rejoin active service in 2386. He used his political skills to advance his career, now focused on rising through the UFP Diplo Corp. He gained the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade at Federation marine base Camp Kovar. He briefly returned to Earth for the funeral of his beloved grandfather, before being reassigned to the USS Vanguard as Chief Diplomatic Officer.

When the Vanguard was moved to the Gamma Quadrant, Magnus chose to stay in the Inconnu Region with the 72nd Fleet and was assigned to Deep Space 12 as Federation Ambassador, working hard to establish strong relations with the Klingons and Romulans. Following a successful period on DS12, Magnus felt ready to effect change from a higher level, and be the one making the decisions instead of always following them.

After the Federation Presidential election of 2388, a coveted position within the new Cabinet became available, Secretary of the Exterior. Thanks to connections and the none-too-subtle campaigning of his mother, Magnus successfully lobbied for appointment of the new position, seeing this as his chance to further his career and gain momentum towards a permanent political path towards the top of the Federation.

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Assistant Chief Diplomatic OfficerKovar Station
Chief Diplomatic OfficerUSS Vanguard
Chief Diplomatic OfficerDeep Space 12