Player of the Quarter

All players of the Fleet that have been awarded the Player of the Month Citation during the current voting period are automatically considered for the Quarterly Citation. The award is granted by means of a majority vote of the BFA. Members of the BFA are not allowed to vote for themselves and/or the representatives from their Task Force. Only players still active at the time of the vote are eligible for the award.


Quarter 4, 2017

Captain Garridan Rismore, Commanding Officer USS Jericho: Task Force 9: JP is the only CO that has without interruption been a part of Task Force 9 ever since I first joined as TFXO several years ago. Throughout the years he has consistently led the Jericho in good and bad times and while real life circumstances have forced him to cut down on his simming obligations he has definitely left an impact on the Task Force for years to come.

Everyone join me in congratulating our winners They have worked hard and earned their places in Bravo Fleets Hall of Honor.