Captain Rhea Kennit
Bravo Fleet Simm of the Month

The Simulation of the Month (of the Fleet) is awarded to a simulation for its contribution to the Task Force canon, activity, quality, number of players and others. All simulations who received the Monthly Citation are automatically considered for this award. It is awarded by the Hall of Honour.


June 2017 – USS Victory

USS Victory is currently involved in a very Voyager-esque mission, having stumbled upon ancient Mesopotamian-style ruins on a far off Delta Quadrant planet. Not only have they done a good job tapping into Voyager themes (and even specifics), but this month they have also released a few away mission posts with as many as ten characters in them. Joint posts are hard, and even harder when they are away missions rather than static briefings, and the Victory’s writers have done a great job artfully switching back and forth between different characters, teams and perspectives in these posts.