Bahrat Noth
Silver Star Citation

The Silver Star Citation is awarded to a player for distinguished service in their assigned role within the fleet. Nominated by a member of the Bravo Fleet Admiralty and awarded by the Hall of Honour.


From the TFCO: As I recently took over Taskforce 38 I had been flailing around trying to find my footing. There is one player who has always been my suport for the Taskforce. He voluntarily has made graphics for my Taskforce without even being asked. Bahrat also has been the one I bounce my ideas for the Taskforce off of and was the one who truly briefed me on the Delta Quadrant and what 38 was. It has made all the difference to me as a TFCO and as a fellow player. It has made me come to appreciate just how strong of person he is and how much he has helped. Also he is the one who has helped me a lot with the Academy and in my writing of the Academy courses. I believe that he should be awarded for his dedication to both the Academy and to Taskforce 38.