Donovan Daly

Just a humble old 'Trekker' here on Bravo Fleet. I'm finally returning to active posting after a long hiatus. I am a former U.S. Army soldier, Iraq War combat veteran and Purple Heart recipient. I've been a long time fan and player of everything Star Trek since days of yore.


Sergeant Major Donovan Daly
Sergeant Major, 3d Marine Raider Battalion (3MRBN/SM)
USS Hawaii

Marine Detachment Senior Non-Commissioned Officer. Daly is a stern and taciturn leader. Though he seems quite sullen, he cares for the lives of his Marines very deeply, but he ensures that his personal feelings do not get in the way of his command duties. He is a strict disciplinarian and a stern task master when it comes to training. Daly expects the best from the men and women that serve under him, holding his Marines to the highest standards. Served several decades within Special Operations, including in several major campaigns and various conflicts throughout Starfleet history.