Captain Elizabeth Hart
USS Proxima

Elizabeth is a very loyal and driven Starfleet Officer. She takes her duty seriously, and upholds the beliefs of the Federation. A smart and resourceful officer that is very protective of the people stationed around her.

Lieutenant K'Var
Chief Tactical/Security Officer
USS Sentinel

K’Var is very calm and collective on and off duty. She enjoys learning as much about the ship she's serving on as she can. She feels this let's her be the most useful to the Commanding Officer and her fellow crew. She has always been very dedicated and loyal to her friends, family, and Starfleet.

When off duty the feline officer enjoys practicing her cello and continuing her martial arts training.

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Commander Zelea Arlidd
USS Hypatia


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Sim of the Month (TF9)

Sim of the Month (TF9)