Sergeant Major Ayla Hamilton

Enlisting straight out of high school Ayla Hamilton was out to find a place where she could exercise both her mind and body and get paid for it.. She decided to try for the SFMC, and entered Boot Camp on Mars at the second camp dubbed Parris Island. From there she went on to join in several campaigns including the Dominion War from 2373 to 2375. Since then she has moved from command to command, in the Alpha then Gamma and now Beta Quadrants..

Commander Emily Brennan

Before coming to Starbase Wake Island, Brennan had a close working relationship with several SFMC units, inserting them regularly into hot combat zones as a part of her missions as a Tactical oficer. As she rose into command, she brought those relationships and understandings with her. First as the Captain of a vessel with a Marine Detachment and now in command of the Starbase ad it'saccompanying gunships and MEU.

Major Jinral Ptolomeu
Carnwennan Station

A medium height darker skinned Klingon woman, she is oten most comofortable in more traditional Klingon dress but maintains her appearance when on duty. She is brown haired and almost always carries a dagger on her left hip.

Captain John Belafore
Squadron Leader
USS Scorpio

A tall muscular human, John wears his hair short and sports several tattoos, all able to be hidden under his uniform. He prefers jeans and a t-shirt in his down time but has taken to wearing henley style shirts on board the ship because again they hide his tattoos. Most often he is found wearing aviator sunglasses even in uniform.

Petty Officer 2nd Class Val'Kyr Legba
Hazard Team Valkyries SCE

Tall and slim for a human, this brunette is usually grubby and it is often said 'hiding' in the Jeffries tubes in the Steam Factory. She is most often found in coveralls and when tinsnipping in a heavy leather apron.