Lieutenant Commander Benjamin Barnes

Lt Cmdr Benjamin Barnes has currently joined the crew of the USS Infinity as the ships Chief Tactical Officer. Barnes is an accomplished Dominion war veteran who had recently served four years at the Academy as an instructor in the fields of Security and Tactical. He was born and raised in Portsmouth a south English coastal city whose history is long and proud in serving not just Starfleet but Earths military historical figures. He is a strong-minded individual who lives life day by day to a strict self-inflicted set of morals.

Lieutenant Ryder Jameson
Chief Security Officer
USS Cavalry

Ryder, as he prefers to be addressed has had a colorful career serving mostly aboard the USS Fracture a Sutherland class ship, where he spent over half a decade conducting scientific studies near Ferengi Alliance space, Patroling the Neutral zone and even spending several months in the Mirror Universe the fractures most famous mission and Ryders most disturbing memory. He also took 3 years on Starbase 1 fo further studies gaining a Secuirty Major and a Science Minor at the Academy.