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Major Setir D'thols
USS Devonshire

Current Position:
Wing Commander/CAG, USS Devonshire

Notable Achievements:
Marine Academy (2321-2325): Graduate, Valedictorian
Daystrom Award (2351): For advanced theoretical research and design in the field of multi-phasic arrays and emitters.
Star Cross (2367): For heroism and conduct above and beyond the call of duty while serving on the USS Princeton during the battle of Wolf 359 after the death of squadron leader.
Karagite Order of Heroism (2373): For heroism and bravery in saving the lives of fellow crew members by repelling attackers during the first and second battle of Deep Space Nine.
Starfleet Extended Tour Ribbon

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Captain Sular Vivano

Sular served aboard the USS Agrippa as its Company CO. He learned the ropes of command and what it meant to actually be in charge of a full complement of marines as he learned not only by doing. He made his mistakes but he learned from them. Finally, he felt he had learned all he could from being on the Agrippa. He wanted to be back in the action, so he applied for a transfer to marines special forces.