Lieutenant Commander Darren Marian

With the slightest bump Darren touched the small shuttlecraft down in the docking bay of the USS Hawaii. After running through the shutdown procedure on the shuttle, he stood stiff-leggedly and disembarked onto the ship that would serve as his home for the coming months.

Darren looked his surroundings over appraisingly. The ship was without a doubt unfinished, but unmistakably new. Everything was shining, crisp, without the wear of lightyears upon lightyears of travel that could be seen on older ships, like his last assignment, the California.

But there was too much to do for now. He needed to meet the CO, meet the other senior staff. Get things in order. This was command, now. No more waiting for others to tell him where to go, what to do. This was his time to tell.


Player of the Month (TF93)