Taking a second go at Bravo Fleet life. Last time around I was lucky enough to run a sim in Task Force 99 Alternative group, and serve as the Command Adjutant for the same Group.

This time, I'm primarily in Task Force 93. Fighting the good fight close to home.

#Canadian #Millenial #DealWithIt


Captain CeCe Rhodes
Commanding Officer
USS Hypatia

CeCe is the Commanding Officer of the USS Hypatia.

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Lieutenant Cenn Kitara
Chief Medical Officer
Roosevelt Station

Captain Etan Kaz
Commanding Officer
Deep Space K-17

Etan is a typical Trill male. Not an overly impressive specimen, but is decently attractive and well built for his physical age.

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Krell Antos
Assembly Hall of Ashalla

Krell is a Vedek in the Bajoran Faith, and serves in the Vedek Assembly but also as an aide to the First Minister.

Lieutenant Junior Grade Lixx
Chief Medical Officer
USS Mercury

Lixx is the CMO aboard USS Mercury

Rakena Kejaad
Cardassian Representiative
Faltan Station

Rakena is the Cardassian Ambassador to Faltan Station

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Commander Sel
Director of Civil-Military Affairs (N9)
Providence Fleet Yards

Known for his impeccable decorum and attention to detail, Commander Sel is the new Director of Civil-Military Affairs for Task Force 93.

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Lieutenant Bash Grimaldi

S├ębastien is currently serving as the Chief Diplomatic Officer on the USS Cairo.

He has a prroclivity for languages, making him ideal for Diplomatic services.

Civilian Anastasia Vane

Anastasia is a career media mogul, having worked in journalism since graduating from the Columbia University in New York City.

She has worked for several major outlets as an anchor including; Federation News Network, Alpha Quadrant Daily, Central Earth.

As well, Vane hosted her own show on FNN for 15 years before retiring.

Ana was swept back into media by a sickening boredom with retired life.

Captain Calvin Rhodes

Commodore Catherine Waldorf

Commodore Waldorf took command of Project Full Circle in April of 2395 following the removal of Rear Admiral Camilla Dougherty from leadership of the program.

Catherine Waldorf had served with distinction in the departments of Resources, Personnel, Operations and Tactics, and was considered the best candiddate to command the precarious program.

The appointment was hotly contested as Commodore waldorf had been vocal in her opposition of the programs mandates. She thought it foolhardy and ill-timed to return to the Delta Quadrant.

Lieutenant Commander Derin Ral

Derin has been described as a determined, hardworking person. He is calm and analytical.

Like most Betazoids, he has highly honed telepathic and empathic abilities.

Derin has a proclivity for concealing his thoughts, while delving into the minds of others

Lieutenant Junior Grade Kestro Ral

Kestro was serving aboard the Defiant Class Mikhail Kalashnikov as a Chief Intelligence Officer when it was destroyed in battle again the Borg. Luckily he and much of the crew were escued by the USS Nogura.


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Command Academy Graduate

Emeritus (Commodore)

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Sim of the Month (TF99)