Major Dren Fyntar
Marine Commanding Officer
USS Shanghai

The product of Angosian military bio-engineering Fyntar was once an elite, deadly and relentless soldier.
Following extensive de-conditioning most of these abilities have been removed. However, he remains a highly effective operator in any combat situation.

Has a wide range of experience, with over twenty five years spent in the military.
He requires a monthly inoculation to maintain his biological chemical balance and counter the carcinogenic effects of the de-conditioning treatments. Additionally he has regular counseling sessions to aide his ongoing psychological recovery.

Professionally he is a solid leader, however in personal relationships he still suffers the residual effects of Angosian physiological conditioning and can be almost Vulcan in dealing with his personal emotions.

First Lieutenant Edward Bolingbroke, 24th Viscount Creedmoor
2d Marine Special Operations Team Leader (2MSOT/TL)
USS Hawaii

Initial impressions are of a tall, athletic and rugged human male. He has short cropped light brown hair and blue eyes. Not classically handsome, although he has well defined lines, his best feature is a ready smile.

Chief Petty Officer Henry 'Slasher" McQueen

McQueen is a hardworking professional, enjoying his work, career and being in Starfleet. On duty he is steady, reliable and a complete professional. He is a skilled medic, graded at Surgeon’s Assistant level, he is authorized to prescribe medications and perform minor surgical operations.

He has specialized in trauma and emergency procedures and served several years as a Starfleet Marine Corp’s corpsman. It was during this tour that he acquired his unusual nickname Slasher. He also has interest in holistic and naturalistic medicine treatments.

Off duty he is relaxed and easy going, with a taste for single malt scotch.

Lieutenant Commander Reno "Reno-Gade" Van Straten

Reno Van Straten is six feet one inch tall, has fair hair and blue eyes. He is tanned, lean and athletic, with a well-defined face. He looks a couple of years younger than his age of twenty seven, a factor not countered by a narrow mustache and an occasional un-shaven stubble look. He has a ready smile and a relaxed manner.

Commander Tolkath
Chief Science Officer (CSO)
USS Hawaii

Tolkath is tall and athletic, with classic male Vulcan features. Dark hair in the traditional style, dark green eyes. By human standards he appears much younger than his fifty four years and most would think him being no more than late thirties. . Tolkath generally presents the aloof calmness and emotional detachment characteristic of Vulcans. He is normally soft spoken and considers his words carefully. While his mental and emotional control is well established and he has purged extraneous passions, those who know him well believe him to have a dry and pointed sense of humor.


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