Commander Akiva ben-Avram
Facility Administrator
Memory Theta

Akiva ("Kiv" to his close friends and family) is relatively tall and lithe for most Hebron colonialists. His dark Semitic features complement his melancholy demeanor. A career of hands-on work has kept him in peak physical form.
He has recently become a new father of a sort with the development of a "next-gen" synthetic android through bioneural circuitry and cutting-edge molecular cybernetics. Biynah, as he named her, has become like a daughter to him.

Commander Calida

Nobody has physically seen Calida and lived to tell the tale. She is an electromagnetic non-corporeal being. While onboard Starfleet vessels, Calida inhabits a mechanical mobile frame that is roughly humanoid in appearance. Within her quarters, she often transfers to a protective carrier pod whose dimensions are approximately 1m x 1/2m x 1/2m.

Calida has a transcendental perspective which is not given to excesses whether positive or negative, though her wry sense of humor never fully leaves even in the worst of circumstances. Baser lifeforms may wrongly interpret her as mercurial.

Commodore Gareth Tau
Task Force 72 Executive Officer
Starbase 72

Gareth Tau is the current Executive Officer of Task Force 72, and is stationed aboard Starbase 72 in orbit of Minos Korva. He's previously served at the Fleet Operations Center on Earth and Deep Space 5. As a jack of all scientific trades, Gareth possess a knack for problem-solving that lends itself well to strategy, which is what took him from Science to Research & Development and finally to Command.

Lieutenant Glori Hawthorn
Chief Medical Officer
USS Pioneer

Glori is a Corvan from Corvus Prime. Her world's harried history has been the subject of scholarly debate and fuel for nightmares for nearly two centuries. The Hawthorn family rose early on from the ash heap of Theta-Corvus III (first called New Romania, Dhampir, then finally Corvus Prime) and its colonial cataclysms into one of the most prominent Corvan families. All personal agency notwithstanding, Glori is a product of her upbringing.
Like most modern Corvans, Glori is pale of flesh and blackened everywhere else. Her ebony hair and onyx eyes and nails make her stand out in any crowd. The synthetic blood (NOS-4-A2, patent held by Ingram Nanoscale Solutions) that flows through her veins and those of all civilized Corvans staves off the Corvan Hemophagia of her homeworld.

Lieutenant Junior Grade Jaya Maera
Psychology and Psionics Specialist
Memory Theta

Jaya is tall and willowy for a Deltan, but still smaller than the average human female. Her dark eyes and supple features stand in stark contrast to her bald scalp. She carries the typical Deltan dry wit beneath a nuanced veneer of aloof sensuality. After fleeing an awkward suitor on the USS Renown. Jaya is more reserved than ever. Her duties as counselor are among the only personal contact she allows herself.
Although not as telepathic as Vulcans and Betazoids, Jaya shares in the empathic extrasensory perception inherent to her race. She swore the Oath of Celibacy like all Deltans in Starfleet, which makes her feel it necessary to place walls between herself and others lest she lead them into infatuation. Despite the ability to share the feelings of others, Jaya often feels alone.

Lieutenant Commander Meilin Jiang
Chief Science Officer
Canopus Station

Meilin was born to unknown parentage in Hong Kong. She was raised by a Taoist enclave, to which she remains affiliated to this day. Though her easygoing nature sees few highs or lows, she is seldom seen to be taciturn or withdrawn. Her quiet strength is the bedrock of her temperament. Meilin is an eternal student and spends all of her time either in pursuit of study or in reflective meditation in what she has learned. She voluntarily maintains a section of the arboretum as part of her meditation regimen.

Captain Mrazak
Commanding Officer
Memory Theta

Mrazak is a V'tosh Ka'tur, or Vulcan Without Logic. His refusal to undergo kolinahr and adhere to the ancestral Vulcan teachings have left him something of an outcast to his people. Free to embrace his passions, Mrazak has a lust for life that is rivaled only by his zeal for discovery. His generalist approach to scientific research has garnered him a well-rounded understanding of most major fields of study. Rather than keep his heretical status a secret, Mrazak freely tells one and all that he is his own Vulcan. As the Chief Science Officer of the ultra-classified Memory Theta installation and commander of its acquisition team, he is not often in a position to embarrass the Vulcan people.

Ensign Omri Updike
Strategic Intelligence Officer
USS Taniwha

Small and lithe, his dark Semitic features complement his melancholy demeanor. He often sports a thin tuft of facial hair depending on his mood and setting, and also to mask his indeterminate young age. Constant field work has put him in peak physical form. Should one look closely, they may notice the deft work of reconstructive surgery from his left shoulder and nose to his navel.
Wry and aloof, Updike seldom talks to people without a need. He prefers to use his surname, perhaps because it's been said to change with each assignment with no two surnames being used twice. Few attachments and false anecdotes make it easier to hop assignments at a moment's notice, especially when faced with an off-the-record mission. Ever an eternal cynic, he's able to mask it with cordial interactions.

Commander Onaga Sayuri

Sayuri is a crack Security officer from the Lagash system whose skills in cyber-warfare and conventional security tactics placed her on the fast track to a Chief of Security position. Her dedication to duty made her one of the last to ever be suspected of launching a mutiny. As the daughter of a formerly wealthy merchant family, her actions have undoubtedly led to her being disowned.

Her violet-within-blue eyes make her stand out in a crowd.

Lieutenant Junior Grade Ryland Dedeker
Memory Theta

Ryland is tall, dark, and handsome with a medium build. His cocksure smile seldom leaves his face. Ryland is never in doubt whether wrong or right. As a hopeless flirt and nonconformist, he is never out of the spotlight, though he never fails to take the chain of command or his duty seriously. Ryland is a braggadocios man, though his tactical skills, whether behind the stick or a phaser battery, are more than enough to back it up. He is a competent brawler despite the majority of his combat experience being in the air. He will perform his duty in his own way. Though he has never disregarded a direct order, he is more than free with his mouth. His short-term goals are to kick ass and chew bubblegum, and eventually to marry into wealth or royalty.

Lieutenant Junior Grade Sekhem Peth
Starbase Kusawake Chief Flight Control Officer
Ashland Initiative

Sek ain't a lady and isn't afraid to throw her small weight around. Though short and stout, her posture is confident and her voice commanding. Her snout perks up from her firm mouth and jawline, she often sports twin braids, and her hands show a history of handling her own business.
Ever the livewire, Sek's life motto says, “Work hard, play harder.” As the kid sister to the scion of a respectable Tellarite shipping union, she is at home among hustle and bustle. When there's no natural excitement, Sek is prone to make her own. Her penchant for risk-taking has made her a habitual gambler and a frequent patron of seedy establishments where such activities can be found.

Ensign Shadi Zatra
Operations Officer
USS Traveller

Shadi is very strong and imposing, though she strives to be as personable and friendly as possible. She is calm, cool, and collected at all times except for in the performance of her duties. Her impatience lends her a short temper and impatient approach to solving problems, which as often as not leads to damaged tools and instrumentation. Her balance between intensity and serenity is inimitable, as her enthusiasm and sincerity compels her to build and maintain friendship with everyone she meets.
Shadi's temper can get the better of her when confronted with a difficult or complex problem. She is far from stupid, but her knowledge is born through experience rather than education. Instincts over protocols is her motto. She is also known for her food-related euphemisms.

Lieutenant Song of Justice
Chief Engineer
USS Crazy Horse

Tall, dark, and augmented, Justice doesn't suffer from many of the disfigurations common to most Liberated Borg. His lean physique carries a few artificial parts and pieces, but few of them are externally visible. Justice is a mercurial individual, at one moment solemn and somber, and jovial and happy the next. As a cultural ambassador for Liberated Borg everywhere, he is eager to present himself as not only competent, but friendly and personable as well. If only his eagerness were matched by success. Unlike most ambassadors, Justice refuses to acclimate to his host culture.

Lieutenant Commander Targh'n “Hawk” Hawking
USS Southern Cross Chief Security and Tactical Officer
Ashland Initiative

Hawk stands short of standard Klingon statuture, likely due to his Terran mother, but his musculature and cardiovascular system boasts the enhanced Klingon physiology. The ridges of his forehead are understated but still clearly visible.
Hawk is a little rough around the edges due to his Lord of the Flies childhood as a street urchin and he compensates by being overly formal in professional settings. When he lets his hair down, which is seldom, Hawk sometimes struggles to find his place.
Identifying solely with his human side, Hawk rejects his Klingon heritage with prejudice, viewing its warrior culture as senseless barbarism and its government as nothing more than corrupt warlords.
Notions such as freedom and justice are Hawk's guiding stars. Between his childhood in an urchin street ga

Cetus Lapetus
Federation News Service - Task Force 72 Correspondent

Cetus Lapetus is the nom de plume for Rupert Carlomann Jefferson Saxe-Coburg, the most recent contemporary heir of a worthless and antiquated title of Western European nobility. After spending many decades living a life of old-money luxury in pointless self-aggrandizement, Rupert turned to scholastic pursuits of a slightly different sort. The salacious gossip from royal courts of ages past has now turned to cutting-edge developments and reports from Starfleet. Using his family connections in Task Force 72, Rupert adopted a pen name befitting his curious and eccentric view of Starfleet politics and stellar gossip.

Lieutenant Karna Zsan

Karna maintains a deadpan fascination with the world around him that is often mistaken for indifference. His wit is wry as his humor is macabre. The analytical side of him understands this to be a complex series of barriers to keep himself from forming attachments with others, but his baser self would not have it any other way. Due to his upbringing in one controlled environment or another, Karna prefers confined spaces and starships, and avoids large open areas when possible. Being raised by Betazed researchers and priests, and then educated by Vulcan monks before the Academy and Human Taoists during his time on Earth, Karna is a unique individual and a high-functioning sociopath.

Civilian Qurban
Memory Theta

The life of the Q is something which Qurban does not well remember, or at least that is his claim. After 10 years of mortal humanoid existence, his intellect is vastly diminished from the 2000 IQ points that the original Q claimed of himself during his brief time as a mortal. Qurban's exile from the Continuum has left him with a dwindling intellect and recollection which seems to become smaller with each passing year. The fear of becoming a "common genius" likely contributes to his defensiveness over his position and reluctance to accept help when offered. Most of his mortal existence has been spent on Memory Theta.


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