Lieutenant Acker Kather
Chief Medical Officer
USS Ascension

Lt Acker served as a senior medical officer aboard Deep Space 9. Her initial medical training was on her home planet of Valo II during the occupation by the Cardassians. She attended Starfleet Academy and graduated with honors. Her first position was as a junior medical officer aboard the USS Defiance. She was transferred to Deep Space 9 prior to the attack by the Klingons. She continued to serve as a medical officer after that attack, and was still serving when the Dominion attacked and ultimately took over the station. She was promoted to senior medical officer after Starfleet retook Deep Space 9. She was named as Chief Medical Officer at SFM Revenant. After the destruction of the capital city, she was transferred to the USS Ascension as Chief Medical Officer.

Warrant Officer Miraya Tiala
Tactical Instructor
Starfleet Academy Bajor Campus

Born on Halii, Miraya spent her childhood searching. She never quite knew where she fit in until she joined the Marines of Starfleet. She quickly abandoned her family for the opportunity to become the best of the best. Her rigorous work-out routine put some of the Marine instructors to shame. She prides herself in her muscular and sleek body. She quickly rose through the enlisted ranks, and was offered a chance to attend Warrant Officer training after achieving the rank of Gunnery Sergeant. After completing Warrant Officer school, she requested to be assigned to the new Bajoran Starfleet Academy.

Petty Officer 3rd Class Jiri
USS Ascension

She was born on Sigma Tama IV in 2353. She had a happy childhood, surrounded by a large family. At the age of 18, she applied to Starfleet Technical Services Academy. The language differences posed quite a large problem for her. She spent many years at the Academy, repeating years over and over until she was successful. This did not seem to impede her enthusiasm. After she graduated in 2380, she briefly returned to Sigma Tama IV to marry her childhood sweetheart, Dathon. The marriage was one of convenience for both. They do not live together, but will occasionally reunite to try to procreate. Jiri is not all that interested in having children, but she is keenly aware of both families' wishes for her to have at least one.