Jacob Hartley


Lieutenant Junior Grade Christina Hartley

Christina is currently the Chief Engineer aboard the USS Saturn, having previously served in the role aboard the USS Solstice, and then as an Engineering Officer in the Solstice engine room, as well as the USS Archimedes.

Commander EJ Matthews
Commanding Officer
USS H.G. Wells

Erica Jane Matthews, known as EJ to her friends, is a recently promoted lead agent, and is very dedicated to her duty of helping to preserve the timeline. She was given the task of investigating an unknown chronometric distortion, which led her to discover a crashed Timeship from the future. There was a single survivor, although they died shortly after being found. Their last words were warning Erica about a group known as the Circle of Eternity who are trying to change history.

Knowing her duty, she set about to ensure the timeline was returned to normal, even going against orders to do so.

Lieutenant Junior Grade Jacob Hartley
USS Triumphant

Jacob is currently the Assistant Chief of Intelligence aboard the USS Triumphant. His time on the ship started off in an unusual manner, with an error of the Chief Intel's part sending him into an Intelligence Brig. Since then, Jacob has developed a working relationship with his Department head, and also enjoys being on the Triumphant.

His background is primary Data Analysis but he has been a qualified field agent for a number of years, having engaged in several undercover missions.

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Lieutenant Commander Savok


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