Ensign Titania Huata
Chief Science Officer
USS Perenolde

The eldest child of two professors at the Université de la Polynésie Française, Titaina revealed herself to be a prodigy in a number of subjects. By the age of eighteen, Titania had earned a doctorate in both applied physics and fluid dynamics, and completed her third doctorate in number theory while simultaneously graduating from Star Fleet Academy.

Prior to the Battle of Round Top, Titania had been happily serving aboard the USS Heyerdahl as the ship's most junior commissioned science officer. In the aftermath of the battle Titania was rescued by the Perenolde and find herself literally thrust into the position of Chief Science Officer.

Lieutenant Papahi Tupou

A pleasant, if somewhat proper young woman (at least while on duty or in the company of strangers), Papahi combines professionalism with pragmatism, and is able to complement her practical knowledge with theoretical innovation.

Lieutenant T'Pai

Though by no means a V'tosh ka'tur, T'Pai interprets Kohlnahr not as the elimination of emotions, but rather their mastery. Thus, she is willing to use inductive reasoning when necessary. And though she conducts herself in a typical Vulcan fashion, on occasion she does cause her human colleagues to do a double take with her dry humor.


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