Lieutenant Commander Dillon Llewellyn
Commanding Officer
USS Arlington


On the younger side, having just entered his 30's. Slightly tanned complexion owing to his growing up on Cestus III on the outskirts of pike city.

Lean build, owing to his exercise regimen.
Running and Cardio more so than bulking up

Brown hair kept short with blue eyes.

Short beard, kept trim


Multi faceted, owing to the situation

For example, at his work he'll cut up to a degree but he's more or less all business. But also believes in his motto "if you can't have fun, why do it."

Off duty he is a social creature. He's not averse to mingling in the ships lounge with senior staff

Has been lnown to act a little unconventional at times. Mostly practical jokes at the academy

Lieutenant Commander Dorian Williams
Executive Officer
USS Hades


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