Commander Micheal Muirne
Commanding Officer
USS Ascension

Micheal is an average human being for most of the race, he don't have any special particularity. Forty years old man, with grey eyes and short gray hairs, he kept his beard all over those long years that he was within Starfleet and swear to not cut it even after death!

Colonel Reius Rothschild
Task Group Commanding Officer (Bastet) (TGCO-B)
Providence Fleet Yards

At 6'1'', fit and with a muscular body that been through hell and above after years of combat and training, Reius look like a forty years old man while in fact he is not so far of the six century. As an El Aurian, as well as a Borg survivor, he is ready to do all he can do make sure to keep the vow he made years ago. Retrograding himself to the rank of commander after serving for nearly thirty year as a Marine's General only to be able to go back to service, it would not be the first time nor surely the last he would do something like this to go where the action is.

Commander Vladimir Demochev
Director of Intelligence (N2)
Providence Fleet Yards

Information Classified by SI Ops Div and Section 31.

Code Name: Yuri.

Ensign William Murphy
Hazard Team Valkyries SCE

Commander Valerian Silverstein
Federation News Service Headquarters

Lieutenant Colonel Geralt Auzur

Lieutenant Colonel Victor Muirne
SFM Revenant

As a human being, Victor is taller than many among his race, with a muscular body fit for dangerous missions that would need endurance and force.

A scar can be seen on his left eye, a mark he doesn't want the medical facility to even think of erasing, to make sure he remembers well enough what may be the price of failure.

Victor can sometimes seem cold at first glance, but still always try to get the best of every situation. When he has men under him, he tries to make sure that they give the best they can, to become perfect soldier with the best moral and training.


Dedication Citation – 6 Months

Sim of the Month (TF93)

Command At Sea (Active)