Commander Scott Kenway
Commanding Officer
USS Triton

Scott is a no nonsense kind of guy, he keeps cool under pressure and approaches most situations with a fair amount of logic. He is a natural leader who is not quick to give in when he knows he's right, whether it is an ensign or an admiral on the other side of the table.
Although he cares a great deal about the welfare of those under his command, he can come across as cold under certain circumstances.
Having a background in Security, Scott likes his ship to be prepared for a multitude of situations and operating efficiently. He aspires to build up a fleet of his own, starting with his own command.
During his off hours, Scott enjoys cooking, training with and learning about various weapons, listening to music and 21st century history

Lieutenant Junior Grade Alex Hyde

Alex has an open-minded and down to earth personality. In most day to day situations he is laid back and easy going with the occasional sarcastic streak
He is known to keep his focus during crisis situations, portray strong leadership skills and a dedication to duty. The other side of this coin that Alex tends to put his work above his own well-being when it's crunch time. During crisis situation, he may appear cold and calculating. Sometimes he may seem impulsive in his actions.

Alex hopes to climb the ranks and eventually become a command officer. A short term goal includes taking and passing the bridge officer's test.

Off duty, Alex is known to enjoy a variety of hobbies, including waterpolo, holographic conversions of video games, 20th century automobiles and projectile firearms


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