I am an avid fan of Star Trek; my favorite series are The Next Generation & Voyager. I have what some of my friends and family members call an overactive imagination and I love to write. I look forward to joining a few of the RPGs here and having fun!


Ensign A'Nya Zinovia

New to the position of Chief Security/Tactical Officer of the USS Cavalry, A'Nya hopes to serve with honor and distinction as she has on her former posting in Starfleet. She is the youngest of twins born to a Klingon mother, Tavanna, and Betazoid father, Tobrias Zinovia. When her mother died in 2367 at the Battle of Wolf 359 it affected her so much that by the time she was 16, A'Nya had decided she would enroll in Starfleet, if only to prevent others from experiencing such a loss as she had as a child. She graduated in the top 15% of her class at the Academy and has served Starfleet faithfully since then.