I am a from the United Kingdom and reside in the border of Essex/Hertfordshire. I am a qualified design engineer for the Security Industry. I design physical security systems (CCTV, Access Control and Fire systems) for high value technology clients (such as Google, Facebook, Trip-adviser and Oracle) all throughout EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa). I started off in the M&E industry (Mechanical and Electrcial)
I have lived in Essex all my life and look to emigrate to South Africa at some point in the future, which is where my company is expanding and where my partner of 3 years (November) is from.

To my girlfriends dismay I enjoy tinkering, I have taken apart more than a few appliances to modify and improve (although improvement isn't the term she'd most likely use) We bought our first house back in April last year so most of my hobbies have taken a back burner so we could spend the time working on both our careers and on our house. In the brief amount of time i do get to myself currently, I spend writing or hiking, i go shooting both air rifle and shotgun, for clays and occasional hunting.

I have been simming for around 10 years on and off, many a time with Leam who operates this SIMM and if/when i take a break I prioritise looking for any simulations that are being run by him. I have played in many different roles; Chief Engineer, Chief Fighter Pilot, Marine Commanding Officer, Commanding Officer, Chief of Security and Tactical and of course my current position of Chief Flight Officer, each role had a different character. Perhaps my most successful was my Marine Commanding officer whom worked his way up from playing as a Marine to Major Logan Gaius Dwight whom i played for several years


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