Chief Warrant Officer Rodney Miller
Chief Engineering Officer
USS Southern Cross

Rodney isn't the easiest person to get along with, he can be try the temperament of even the most patient, he also has a complex in which he is convinced he's one of the smartest in his field even if he's never been picked to head a major design.

His ability to work with what he's been given is though brilliant also comes with a problem, he comes access as person who might makes his deeds seem like tasks of such great skill and effort, sometimes they are other times... not so much.

A Civilian he feels he can do anything the fleeters can, in some ways better however now he has a chance to finally find out.

Lieutenant Junior Grade Shris Keval
Security Officer
USS Venture

Shris isn't the strict disciplinarian that some might think of for the tactical department and an Andorian, though he does take his work seriously, personal matters are far more friendly.

The switch between the two can be somewhat odd and shocking, but it's something he picked up from his family, when something needs doing you do it, then you can have all the fun you want.

A firm believer in what the Federation Stands for, he doesn't agree with all the positions and orders it gives, but that is one of the core tenants of the whole institution, being able to disagree and discuss, not that he wont follow them.

His attitude to the unaligned and the enemies of the Federation is cautious and pragmatic. A side he values but often lends him to conflict with those of a more idealistic nature

Petty Officer 3rd Class Justin Anderson

Of average to fit build with mid brown spiky hair Justin is pretty much an average human male in most ways, something he kind of likes.

He keeps fit by rock climbing and playing sports primarily hockey though he also has an interest in Paresi squares. Usually found in his uniform his out of uniform styles are notably 22nd century esc, functional cargo pants and plain shirts.


Dedication Citation – 6 Months