Lieutenant Junior Grade Asami Inoue
Chief Science Officer
USS Southern Cross

Second Lieutenant Erin Ishay
MACO Executive Officer

Coming from a military family Erin has known little else than duty and service since she was little. While there was no question she'd end up Enlisting it was a surprise to everyone when she joined the MACOs rather than the Mars Militia. Despite her families less than friendly relations with Earth, Erin never had an issue, the war long over and Earth and Mars allied. A natural leader Erin rose steadily through the ranks becoming a senior NCO very quickly. However a year into the Romulan War things were turned on her head. After defending the scientists of the Warp 7 Project, Erin and her unit found themselves attached to the NX-06 Endeavour a primarily Starfleet vessel. Having to come to terms with integration, Erin earned herself a battlefield promotion and must adjust to her new station.

Lieutenant Kalikuo Arija

A woman who had to grow up too fast, her background isn't all that unique for a child of the Cardassian Occupation of Bajor. A veteran of the resistance and the Dominion war Kali knows how to take are of herself and actually enjoys getting into the thick of things. Caring for the Federation almost as much as she cares for Bajor, she'll give up almost anything to protect it. Like many of her sisters and brothers who joined Starfleet out of the Resistance, Kali is an example of the promise that the Federation stands for; a better life for all through mutual understanding and respect.

Lieutenant Kylara Jax
USS Southern Cross

Captain Makayla Perin
Commanding Officer
USS Venture

A young officer with a lot to prove, Makayla has recently been given command of the USS Venture. A career Starfleet Officer, Kayla began her service as an enlisted Engineer just before the breakout of the Dominion War. Despite seeing the horrors of the galaxy up close and personal at such a young age, Kayla committed herself to the Fleet not long after it ended. Since graduating from the Academy she's had a varied career not spending too long in any once place as she tried to experience as much of the fleet as she could get her hands on. However that all changed after joining the 4th fleet. Now her life has been turned around ever which way and she must adjust to all the new changes coming personally and professionally...all while trying to keep the RTC from tearing itself apart.

Lieutenant Commander Neydani Velia
Assistant Chief Science Officer
USS Venture

Like all Bajoran’s Velia is a very passionate, outspoken, hardheaded and has an intensity about her that comes from her time in the resistance. A person with an opinion on everything from the best hoverball team to Federation Policy she has never really been afraid to voice them. Her instincts are to root for the underdog and she won’t hesitate to go for the long shot. Velia enjoys the sciences, especially the opportunity to test theory with a good experiment and to apply the results to practical use. She is comfortable around Starfleet Officers and will generally portray a more sarcastic and playful attitude aboard ship.


Dedication Citation – 5 Years

Command Ribbon (Class B)

Player of the Month (TF99)

Sim of the Month (TF93)

Sim of the Month (TF93)

Sim of the Month (TF93)

Sim of the Quarter

Gene Roddenberry Commendation of Excellence

Medal of Achievement

Command Academy Graduate

Dedication Citation – 3 Years