Lieutenant Commander Alexander Night
Executive Officer
USS Southern Cross

Alex is very much aware of his appearance, and is not afraid to use it to his pleasure or advantage (though the would take care, if at all possible for the other persons not to be harmed in the process). He's of a generally friendly disposition, always ready to flash a smile one's way, though as often as it is genuine, so often it is faked, though he has perfected the 'faking' skill over the years so only a few can tell when he's putting on a face.

As he is an orphan, Alex very streetwise and and adaptable, and very aware of both his strengths and weaknesses. Being a man without a family, he's quite happy actually, knowing he can do the job he loves, which in this case is going 'above and beyond' the call of duty, for his beloved Federation of planets.

Lieutenant Arianna Frost
Chief Intelligence Officer
USS Magellan

Arianna is a shrewd individual, with a keen eye for details, especially when it comes to reading people’s motives and mannerisms. She prefers to listen and observe rather than speak. When she does speak however, her voice is usually soft and calm, which makes her a good conversationalist. Ari can, however, adjust her pitch for it to be heard, when she wants to, without it necessarily getting loud. She’s a mild mannered, calm woman that is very slow to anger and even slower to execute that anger, usually very pointedly (can be a rather savage pointedness). Frost doesn’t smile or laugh often and when she does, it’s usually quite sudden and unexpected.

Lieutenant Commander Garai Fenia
Chief Science Officer
USS Venture

The way she acts, moves and speaks, one would brand Fenia as a typical bajoran. Passionate, stubborn, argumentative with a big heart and desire to protect those dearest to her while fighting the bad guy. She will speak her mind, often without preamble and restraint though she’s been seemingly lucky so far that she hadn’t gotten into too much trouble for it.

Garai is despite that a hard worker and a loyal officer if she believes in the cause and the orders. If she does not, she will make attempts to rectify the situation and will stand her ground to the point of being thrown in the brig if needed. As a crime scene investigation specialist, she has a love for hands on research, clue collection and profiling.

Lieutenant Commander Linshara Thannis
Chief Intelligence Officer
USS Venture

Linshara is not as open or approachable as most Betazoids. Due to the nature of her work, she tends to be focused, controlled and very calculated, having to watch her words, her tone, her mannerisms, she often finds it difficult to relax and just be a Betazoid woman in her prime. While she is good company once one gets past the exterior, Linshara is not one for pointless, silly small talk. preferring instead deeper, meaningful conversations and directness, openness. She also prefers the same in people, not being overly fond of people who talk too much or with little meaning.
A good, pragmatic leader, Linshara stands behind her team and is not afraid to bear the burden of responsibility.

Lieutenant Torrna Maliya MD
Chief Medical Officer
USS Southern Cross

A brilliant physician, specialised in combat medicine, general surgery and virology. She posesses vast medical knowledge that supplant her specialization knowledge, and she isn't afraid to let it show. On the other hand, the Hipocratic Oath, the Nightingale Pledge and the rest are often ignored or thrown aside when it comes to Maliya, as she calls herself the healer of the body, the counselors she considers the healers of the mind. She's got a sarcastic sense of humor and approach to life, and will mince no words when she has an opinion, and considers herself the higher authority when it comes to things medical, so orders from superior officers will often go disobeyed.


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Command Academy Graduate

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