Captain Akio Tachibana
Commanding Officer (CO)
USS Hawaii

Akio Tachibana was set to transfer to a teaching position at Starfleet Academy after his current command was decommissioned. With the invasion of the Gorn and the Klingon Civil War, he has been pressed into command once more as the Commanding Officer of the USS Hawaii, lashing together a new crew.

Captain Jordan Hale
Chief Intelligence Officer
USS Devonshire

Captain Hale was selected to be the Chief Intelligence Officer of the USS Devonshire due to her knowledge of Starfleet Marine Corps operations and her expertise in the field of intelligence that would lend itself well to the planning stages of a Gorn counterattack.

Captain Leslie Ramsey
Commander, Federation Forces (COMFEDFOR) for the Gorn Theater (GRN/CC)
Providence Fleet Yards

With the incursion of the Gorn, Leslie was tapped to become the Executive Officer of TF93 and the Commander, Federation Forces (COMFEDFOR) for the Gorn Theater. He is currently stationed at HQ TF93, Providence Fleet Yards.

Lieutenant Leticia Sanchez
Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer
USS Kumari

Letty was previously assigned as a Security/Tactical Specialist at SFI Delphi. While there, during a freak accident where the crew relived the same day over and over, Letty had a psychotic breakdown at the hands of the team's Psychology and Psionics Specialist, LT Karna Zsan, after she started remembering the loops.

It was decided a transfer was best for her and Letty found herself on a ship once again, this time the Kumari.

Major Terrance West
Commanding Officer, 3d Marine Raider Battalion (3MRBN/CO)
USS Hawaii

A marine with a history of special operations commands, West was a natural pick to plan and lead the initial stages of the ground campaign to take back Cestus and Canterra.

Civilian Vritika Chakrabarti
Federation Secretary of Defense
Palais de la Concorde

“Secretary Chakrabarti, I take it my staff has informed you about your impending nomination. I know you are probably surprised; however, we need someone with experience in that department and we determined Secretary West was definitely partly to blame for the current situation,” the President said calmly despite the flurry of activity just beyond her shoulders.

“I appreciate your faith, Madame President; however, at the end of the day, I support Secretary West. I am just as much a part of this department as he,” Vritika said.

“Nonsense,” the President interrupted. “I appreciate your loyalty, yet I’ve read the notes from staff members. You and I both know that you disagreed with Secretary West. He’s out, you’re in.”

Vice Admiral Yewande Banda
Task Force Commanding Officer
Providence Fleet Yards


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