Hello all. My name is Stone and I currently live in South Georgia, USA; born and raised! I grew up with a deep passion for Star Trek and all affiliates, canon and non-canon novels. I recently graduated with a B.A. in Political Science and am in the hiring process to work for a state law enforcement agency.

My simming biography begins in Bravo Fleet many years ago where I found a great love for writing, simming, and all aspects of the game. Shortly after starting with my first character, I found myself 'sprawled out' among Bravo Fleet and other Star Trek RPG fleets; some are still around, others are not.

After writing and playing on various games for years, I made the difficult decision to leave RPG'ing all together to focus on school and an increasingly hectic social life. I'm happy to say that after my four year hiatus, I have returned to Bravo Fleet and could not be happier with how things are in my writing career and the Bravo Fleet community.


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Chris Jones
USS Altai

Chris has always been a very modest person, consumed with a passion for perfection in his actions but always too humble to take first place when another wants it more. He is known for his calm, often expressionless demeanor and gentle gaze that simultaneously comforts and mystifies. He prefers to be the wall flower, the silent participant in a conversation, more interested in studying the words of others than filling others ears with his own. As for his time spent as an Executive Officer, Chris has always chosen to lead by example and tends to promote leniency for simple “learning” mistakes in all but the worst grievances. He wants the people he works with to view him as approachable, not the revered titans that other XO’s and CO’s have been famously known for. At the same time, he demands

Lieutenant Commander Scott Parker
USS Ark Royal

Scott Parker is the average officer that has always aspired to be the best in anything he tackles. As early as his start in school, he has preferred to always be seen in the main spotlight, unafraid of showing off. At five foot and ten inches, he isn't the tallest in the room, yet he always felt as if he was and made sure everyone else felt the same. This trend in Scott's personality continued until his incident on the USS Fearless, 2386. After the deadly accident, Scott's demeanor completely changed. Following his rescue, court marshal, and year long hiatus, Scott prefers sitting back and not being the center of attention, accepting a drink over a handshake. His personal appearance has dropped from prestige condition to rather lackluster; but, is beginning to turn his life around once h

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Lieutenant Commander Michael Dooley

Michael is a common looking person and always sports a crisp uniform. He carries and presents himself in the same professional manner at all times; whether it be on or off duty. He has a compact and athletic build and enjoys cardiovascular exercises on the holodeck. Michael currently serves as the Chief Intelligence Officer aboard the USS Excalibur.