Monoui is a stay-at-mother who has been writing with Bravofleet off and on for a number of years, having served on the USS Wildcat, Olympus Base, USS Katana, USS Hera, USS Stargazer, USS Odyssey, USS Arizona, USS Beifong, USS Venture, Deep Space 11, USS Lexington (TF99 Dominion War Era), and even briefly commanded the USS Pandora (where she now serves as CSO under a new CO) during which time she served as TFXO for Task Force 47.


Lieutenant Junior Grade Seras

Seras packs a lot of punch despite her small stature. She keeps in shape through vigorous exercise and archery and is not afraid to tell you what she thinks. She has long blond hair which she typically wears in a ponytail, slate grey eyes, and her features are fine and delicate. She has the cranial protrusions above her ears as characteristic of her race and speaks through the use of a vocal synthesizer implant which has a noticeable synthetic undertone to it. Seras has a vivid and outspoken personality with a love for life. She's straightforward about her opinions, often bordering on blunt, and she loves her work. She can be something of a work-aholic, but she just can't stand being idle. Dedicated and loyal, there just about nothing she wouldn't do for a friend.

Lieutenant Shae Brennan
Chief Science Officer
USS Pandora

Shae is petite and willowy with a pale complexion and waist length white hair and blue eyes. She is mostly humanoid in shape, though instead of human feet, she has vulpine paws covered in white fur. Her ears are also vulpine in shape and she has a long bushy tail. Since El Aurians age slowly, she appears to be about 20 years old. She was raised among the Irish and as such has a distinct accent. Shae is most often quiet and reserved, willing to watch events unfold and then react. She’s a damaged individual; years of mistreatment and being held back has taken its toll on her confidence, so she's often afraid to speak to others. Though a constant observer, when she does interact with others she is warm and soft-spoken, truly a gentle soul who only wishes to see the best in others.


Player of the Month (TF72)

Dedication Citation – 6 Months

Medal of Collaboration