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Ensign Osso Voir
Science Officer
USS Southern Cross

Ensign Osso Voir, Starfleet Science Officer and Quantum Astrophysicist, is a joined Trill just beginning her career in Starfleet. Osso is slim, lean, and somewhat petite, but she’s strong. Her hair is kept short, and has a boyish look about her. She is laid back as far as intellectuals go. She thinks research is fun, and sometimes her head gets stuck in theoretical la la land. This means she can overlook the obvious, and that she’d go stir crazy without access to a lab.

She wants to make major discoveries in the realm of Polaron-related technologies, and is motivated to develop defensive solutions to strengthen Starfleet’s position in the aftermath of the Dominion War and in the face of advances in Romulan cloaking.