Sean has been in Bravofleet off and on since 2005 spending time in Task Force 58 and 86. When returning to Bravofleet he went to Task Force 93 before eventually commanding USS Thunderchild in Task Force 9. He then moved to be a TFCO for Task Force 38. He served as TFCO from Nov 20 2015 until December 3rd 2016. In December 2016 he took on the role of Academy Commandant and has been in that position ever since.


Lieutenant Ashlana Mahjere

She is strong of will and tends to be very forthright. She was from a family that were into space carnivals. She tends to focus on positives instead of the negative that she can feel at times.

Positive Thinker
Has a temper but tends to keep it under control
Very eager to please

Rear Admiral Diego Macedo
Starbase 38 (Kartelan Station)

Rear Admiral Macedo is a long standing member of Starfleet Security and ran Task Force 38 in 2388 when the Borg attacked and stranded Task Force 38 in the Delta Quadrant. Since then, he has served as an on-leave as an ambassador forging crucial relationships in the quadrant. He is also a member of the Delta Advisory Council.

Sergeant Major Felicia Ecton
Command Chief
Roosevelt Station

She has a quiet beauty that is hid behind a Marine style demeaner. Seldom does she smile and she looks more severe then what she normally would.

Lieutenant General Jagg Anderson
Starbase 38 (Kartelan Station)

Lieutenant General Anderson, a former member of Task Force 38 leadership, has retired from operational duty. Stationed on Helios Station, he is now the Starfleet Marine member of the nine person Delta Advisory Council.

Major Shane McColm

He has long sandy brown hair and a goatee that he keeps neatly trimmed. He isn't muscled like many of the Marines but is more average size. He is trained in many forms of Martial Arts and can do gymnastics and has the body for it.

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Senior Chief Petty Officer Vcor'chak
Medical Corpsman
USS Ajax

6’3” tall
210lbs muscular
Scars cross his chest and stomach and back from knife fights.

Names he uses: V
He prefers to go by V or Chak.

Colonel Zen Makarra

Zen is typical of his species with the facial scarring that makes them look to most unattractive. He is like many of his kind as well where he doesn't seem to have the interpersonal skills that are required for Command. He is a brilliant tactician who is blunt and doesn't mind offending those that command him.

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Major Larrissa Chusavitna

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Lieutenant Colonel Ak'tanik

Commander Alenna Jensen

Alenna (Lenna) Jensen has been around and while she was attached to diplomacy but her priority was always as a special aide at the highest of levels. She was pulled off normal duties to assist first with Rear Admiral Diego Macedo after they created Helios Colony.

After her stepped down and Lt General Jagged Anderson was brought in he kept her there to assist with whatever was needed since he wasn't really a person who could just talk to anyone. He was a Marine and that's what they needed in the tumultuous times after the Borg attack.

She had thought that would be her last post would be Helios Station. However they had a special job that the Commander had to do. She was asked to go and become the XO of the USS Equinox. She didn't know what to expect and still doesn't.

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Commander Aurelia Chang

Currently Aurelia serves as the XO on board Kartelan Station though previously she has worked with the JAG Corps as well as directly for the Task Force Commanding Officers. She has a deep passion for love and family, and has kept her personal life as part of her work life as well.

Commander Caden Lister

The man with the body of a dancer and the heart of a poet and the tenacity of a pitbull.

General Overview Very loyal to those he can trust he is a very it takes time to earn his trust.
He is not above breaking the rules or even laws including the Prime Directive if there is a need for it.
He was a bit of a carouser when he was younger and has many children from different women among the various species in Alpha/Beta and Delta Quadrants.
Strengths & Weaknesses Loyal beyond belief

Takes time to earn his trust

He will break rules or even laws if there is a great need for it

Was a carouser when he was younger and has many children most of whom he has met only briefly.

Ambitions His sole ambition in life is to earn himself a name and a place in history of StarFleet. He doesn't want to

Colonel Fane Enedrial

Fane looks much younger than what he actually is. He has led a life that has not scarred him up too bad however he is one of those Colonel's that does get his hands dirty. His hair is still stubbornly dark with no affect of aging yet to be on him.

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Colonel Jasmina Corrigan

Captain Jerel Ecton

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Lieutenant Colonel Kieven Solaran

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Master Warrant Officer Kyle Jacobs

Kyle is a man that is confident and keeps himself open to anything knew. He is not overly muscular but he does work out to great affect.

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Ensign Larissa Lister

She is a very beautiful lady who tends to use her assets to her advantage. She loves to wear a tighter clothing then what you normally would see hating the standard look of uniforms. Off duty she always wears long flowing dresses that are tight on the upper body showing off what she calls her assets.

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Colonel Soval Torek

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Commander Talik Chayron

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Captain Zyrell Talon

Zyrell was the lead in the SWAT Team for the USS Phoenix before it was disbanded. He is still in the Marines but he is on special assignments and his whereabouts are unknown.


Command At Sea (Past)

Lieutenant General Emeritus Award

Command Ribbon (Class C)

Active Command At Sea

Command Academy Graduate

Dedication Citation – 5 Years

Player of the Month (TF93)

Medal of Collaboration

Medal of Achievement

Writing Proficiency Ribbon

Community Recognition Ribbon