Commander Garrett Ross
Executive Officer
Canopus Station

Commander Ross has proudly served in Starfleet for over thirty years in all operational and command roles. He began his service by enlisting at age eighteen and going to Boatswainsmate "A"-School. After obtaining his degree via distance and the rank of Chief Petty Officer he applied to and was accepted to Warrant Officer Candidate School. As a CWO he achieved the rank of Chief Warrant Officer 4 and command of the USS Nomad (a Wallace Class ship) and then was commissioned as a Lieutenant Commander. Commander Ross strives to return to the command chair as a Commissioned Officer aboard a larger vessel.

Lieutenant Heather Kowal
Commanding Officer
Law Enforcement Team 72

LT Heather Kowal is a Starfleet Academy Graduate with degrees in Intergalactic Relations and Earth History. She currently serves as the Commanding Officer of Law Enforcement Team 72 assigned to the Fourth Fleet.

Commander Ian Reeves
Commanding Officer
USS Pioneer

Commander Ian Reeves, D.Env. is currently assigned as Commanding Officer of the USS Pioneer. CDR Reeves began his career as a civilian specializing in Geological and Meteorological studies in relation to terraforming within the United Federation of Planets government. After a few years of service in the field, he attended Officer Candidate School and was given a commission in Starfleet as a Science Officer. CDR Reeves served on multiple deep space exploration missions and eventually found himself a cleared Bridge Command Officer and then after attending Command College returned to space as an Executive Officer and now the CO of the second Pathfinder class vessel, USS Pioneer.

Ensign Kendra Kyle
Fighter Pilot
Canopus Station

Born to parents both serving in Starfleet her father a security officer who later elevated to command and her mother a science officer who elevated to command and then on to intelligence. As a Starfleet brat, she learned to love Starfleet and being underway on ships. She strived who whole education to get into the Starfleet Academy and when she arrived settled on becoming a fighter pilot. Upon graduating and gaining her commission she went off to Flight School and then to her first assignment aboard the USS Proteus. Kendra is excited to not only serve with ASTRA in the Gamma Quadrant to have her CO be her mother's former Executive Officer and "aunt", ADM Reyes. After some issues aboard the Proteus it was felt that it be best for Kendra to be transferred to another assignment.

Master Chief Petty Officer Benjamin Fisher

Rear Admiral Brianna Avery

Colonel Bryan Accomack

Colonel Bryan Accomack is currently the Commanding Officer of the 3rd Marine Expeditionary Unit assigned to Task Force 38 of the Fourth Fleet. Colonel Accomack began his Starfleet career as an enlisted marine to honor his mother's service as a physician within Starfleet. COL Accomack after serving four years in the Corps reaching the rank of Corporal in the MOS of Avionics Specialist he elected to apply for the Starfleet Academy and graduated with a degree in Interplanetary Governmental Affairs and a minor in Military History. Upon gaining his commission as a Second Lieutenant he served in multiple combat and leadership roles including multiple commands. He served as a professor and department chairman at the Starfleet Academy for one year before accepting command of the 3rd MEU.

Lieutenant Colonel Nikki Johnson

Rear Admiral Seth Kern

Fleet Captain Benjamin Bahe

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Lomen Rhea


Sim of the Month (TF72)

Dedication Citation – 15 Years

Command Ribbon (Class C)

Rear Admiral Emeritus

Dedication Citation – 10 Years